Why you shouldn't neglect your hair

I Neglected My Natural Hair, and This Is What Happened

Let me take you for a trip to when I neglected my natural hair. Have you ever been at a place where you neglected your hair for whatever reason? That was me not so long and I’m not proud of it. Today’s post is all about that and probably tips to get your hair care groove back.

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One where I neglected my natural hair
Don't Neglect your hair

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How I Neglected My Natural Hair.

So, for a month and a few weeks or probably for two months I let my hair be. I wasn’t feeling it and had a lot going on, I kinda forgot there’s hair on my head lol. I started by wearing my usual two strand twists for two weeks, rocked the juicy twist out for a few days and installed three flat twists.

I love wearing flat twists because they are easy to install and take down. I’m not an expert when it comes to flat twists but I do try. Took down the flat twists days later and rocked a puff for an event I attended. Around this time I was due for wash day but postponing did sound like a better option.

Decided to where a puff for the next two days then the usual wash day regimen. Well, the wash day didn’t happen neither was moisturizing. After a couple of days, I decided to moisturize and wear a bun instead because buns retain moisture for longer than a puff.

I’m not sure how long I wore the puff without moisturizing until this day I was editing some of my blog posts and this particular post on moisturizing was shouting at me. Long story short, I took down the puff and my hair felt dry and stiff, almost got a heart attack lol.

Took down the dry, stiff and tangled hair and decided to wash it. Sectioning and detangling was work, almost used the whole bottle of conditioner ( lol, just kidding.) Washed it, deep conditioned, moisturized, stretched it and did a little trimming before installing the usual two strand twists.

Shed hair and hair breakage after I neglected my natural hair.

Lessons learned from neglecting my natural hair.

  • It can cost you some length
  • Detangling is 100X harder
  • When you’re not feeling your hair, install a protective styles that needs minimal manipulation
  • Moisturizing is essential for healthy hair.
  • It’s okay to feel like you don’t want to deal with your hair.
  • It’s okay to let someone else take care of your hair.
  • Always stick to your hair care routine.

How to detangle dry and matted/ super tangled hair

  • If your hair is in a bun or any other style, gently take it down. Don’t be in a rush to get done.
  • Spray water or hair mist when sectioning. Personally,I don’t like the sound of dry hair breaking, I prefer sectioning damp hair.
  • Once sectioned, use a generous amount of conditioner or detangler on each section. Also use a detangling product with a great slip.
  • Start by detangling with your fingers from the ends of your hair and work towards the roots.
  • You can also use a wide tooth comb or a detangling brush to detangle.
  • Repeat on every section.

After a period of neglecting your hair, use a protein treatment or a balanced deep conditioner to repair any damage and strengthen your hair.

Let me also share mistakes to avoid if you want healthy hair or rather the don’ts of hair care.

  • To start us off is neglecting your hair, don’t do it.
  • Not being consistent with your routine and healthy hair care practices.
  • Overmanipulation: excessive brushing, combing and styling.
  • Believing products will give you inches of hair overnight.
  • Using each and every product that promises you growth. Find products that work best for your hair and stick to them.
  • Getting to every DIY that promises growth. Growth is a natural process and yes some products and scalp massages help stimulate growth.
  • Focus more on growth instead of length retention. Length retention is where you work towards minimizing breakage, damage and anything else that will cost you length.
  • Not being gentle with your hair. Always be gentle with your hair and moisturize before styling.

Now that we have caught up on what happened to my hair,see you on the next post.

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