You are currently viewing Flat Twists vs Braids: Which is Better for Stretching 4C Hair?.

Flat Twists vs Braids: Which is Better for Stretching 4C Hair?.

Do you stretch your hair? If yes, which method works best for you?

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stretching 4C natural hair with braids and flat twists
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Stretching helps minimize tangles and if you wanna see a little more length, stretching is your cup of tea.

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I do stretch using braids or flat twists. I tried using both to see which gives me more length and definition.

Stretching Natural Hair with flat twists and braids

Steps to stretch

  • Started with freshly washed and deep conditioned hair.
  • Moisturized with Mosara moisture milk & hydrating butter.
  • Flat twisted on one side and had three braids on the other side.
  • Left them overnight to dry.
  • Flat twists gave me more length while braids gave more definition.
Stretching hair with braids
Braids and Braid Out
Stretching 4c hair with flat twists
Flat twists vs Flat twist outs

Ways you can stretch your hair

  • Braids
  • African threading
  • Banding 
  • Buns
  • Flat twists
  • Use heat
Heatless ways to stretch hair
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Which method do you use to stretch your hair?

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