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9 Reasons Why your 4C Hair is always tangled

Tangled natural hair? Or is it Single strand knots? Read on.

Do you experience lots of tangles and knots on your hair like always regardless of doing everything right. Well, sometimes the right thing might not be right at all or it’s just not right for your hair type.

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Hair tangles easily when in a dry and damaged state that’s why the moisturize your hair statement is emphasized. When hair is damaged or dry the cuticle(outer layer) is raised/open & the open layers snag up causing tangles and knots. In case you missed out on how to reduce single strand knots post, catch up here.

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Reason why your hair keeps tangling
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Why your hair is always tangled.

Skipping trims.

Length chasers, Olaa! I know how most of us dread trims cos it feels like losing the length you’ve been working so hard for but you ought to associate trims with positive results(healthy hair, lush hairstyles, length retention thus more length). Split ends tend to travel up your length if not trimmed & other than having unhealthy, dry and damaged hair, you’ll get a tangled mess on your hair. Not sure whether you need a trim? Well find out here and learn how to dust your ends every now and then here.

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Towel drying

How you dry your hair matters too. Rubbing your towel on your hair to dry isn’t the best way to go cos as you move your towel in twisting and circular motion your hair twists/hugs forming knots and tangles. Pat your hair to absorb the water or hold a section a time to squeeze out the water. You can also dry with a soft cotton T-shirt.

Lack of moisture.

Moisture is natural hair’s best friend, it’ll solve most of your hair problems and as I said earlier hair tangles easily when dry. Moisturize according to your porosity type and always use a moisturizing deep conditioner after cleansing. Check out moisturizing tips here .

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Moisturizing products and tools for 4C Natural Hair.

Cotton scarf and pillowcase.

Cotton scarf and pillowcase are a recipe for disaster(ruined styles, tangles, knots, dry hair). Cotton absorbs moisture from your hair and the friction between your hair and material dries your hair, the tossing and turning causes the tangles. Sleep in satin bonnets or pillowcases to keep the hair soft & with less tangles and knots.

Tangled hair causes

Not detangling properly.

Do I have to explain more here? The less you detangle the more the tangles. Detangle in sections, use products that give a good slip, first finger detangle then run a wide tooth comb or detangling brush through your length to properly detangle. Missed on how to ease the detangling process post? Catch up here.

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24 Best Detanglers for Tangled 4C Natural Hair

Keeping your ends open.

Wear your hair out once in a while but not always to keep the tangles and knots at bay. I advocate tucking your ends cos they are the oldest, weakest, exposed to surfaces and tangle easily. Wear protective styles that hide your ends when your hair needs a break from manipulation.

Tangled hair; here is the main causes of tangles

Other reasons why your hair is always tangled;

  • Product build up. Clean your scalp & hair regularly to get rid of the build up.
  • Washing all of your hair open. Wash your hair in sections or you can wash your hair in braids or twists.
  • Wearing styles for too long. Once you notice your styles get fluffy and old, refresh or take them down

How do you keep tangles at bay and if your hair is always tangled, what have you noticed might be the cause.

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