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Trimming 4C Natural Hair without Heat at Home.

I know we dread trimming because of losing length but let’s choose health over length.

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Trimming 4c Natural without heat at home
My ball of hair from my last trim

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Do you trim or you choose length, knots and tangles over health? Trimming should be part of your hair care routine & it’s essential for growth of healthy hair. How often should you do it? I always say trim as needed, you’re the only person that knows your hair best.

How to tell if your hair needs a trim.

  • Hair is always or feels dry and rough at the ends no matter how well and often your moisturize. The ends feel coarser than the rest of the strands.
  • You notice more or a lot of tangles and single strand knots.
  • You have a hard time styling and your styles don’t look as neat. The ends look rugged and frizzy.
  • Detangling becomes a pain and a never ending process.

For me, the first two signs are it for me. My ends tend to dry so fast, feel so rough and full of knots and tangles and I notice more breakage especially after / when detangling.

Why should you trim?

I mean, no one wants dry ends that are always tangling, spend a whole lot of time detangling and your styles look like you didn’t even try to put in any effort. So, why trim:

  • To get rid of damaged and split ends- they never looked good on anyone and remember, health over length.
  • Promotes healthy hair which looks so good and thicker.
  • Hairstyles look lush, bouncy and juicy.
  • Minimize tangles, knots and time you spend detangling.
  • Makes your hair look fuller and minimizes breakage.

If you dread trimming, you might consider dusting your ends after every couple of weeks. I do dust sometimes but I do trim too because dusting doesn’t completely eliminate the split ends and it isn’t thorough.

Trimming 4C hair at home

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How I trim at home without heat.

There are different ways to trim your edges.

  • Braid or twist your hair then snip the damaged and split ends.
  • Stretch using heat or without heat then trim
  • Search and destroy, where you search for the damaged/split ends and snip them off 

Have used the twist method. Stretched my hair using braids, installed medium size twists then trimmed the ends that needed to go. I got scissors excited though, almost went from armpit length to shoulder length or maybe I did lol.

I trimmed not so long ago using the stretching method. How did I do it you ask?

  • Washed, deep conditioned and moisturized my hair first. I love working with clean hair and scalp.
  • Sectioned my hair into 8 parts and installed braids to stretch it.

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  • Once the braids were dry, I unraveled them a braid at a time. 
  • Separated the braid out with my fingers then combed out the braid with a wide tooth comb to clearly see the ends that need a trim
  • Hold the hair a little above the split ends between my index finger and middle finger then with a sharp pair of scissors, cut off the ends.
  • Repeat for each braid and rock my healthy and full Afro.

It is as easy as that. I would love to know, how do you trim your ends?

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