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Natural hair Care Ebooks, guides and Journals.

We all dream of having long, lush and thick natural hair but we either don’t know where to start or we ain’t patient enough for the hair journey. We opt to chase magic hair growth products and use any product that promises growth.

Natural hair guides, Ebooks and Journals

Hello ManEmbracers, I hope your hair is growing and skin glowing. Welcome to my blog and be sure to keep it here for everything hair care. To my loyal ones & day ones welcome back.

Natural Hair Ebooks, guides and Journals

Hello there newbie, don’t where to start with growing out your natural hair? Well, this beginner’s Ebook is for you.

Next is a hair regimen or routine guide. A consistent and healthy hair care routine is the foundation of healthy hair. It helps you figure what is working best for your hair and not working, how your hair behaves when you use certain products, if you are retaining length and so on

Once, you have all the tips and tricks on hair care regimen/ routine, growth and length retention, document your hair journey using the hair goals and routine tracker/ Journal.

On to our guides section. We have a how to grow your hair long and thick guide that comes with a downloadable journal.

Lastly, get your copy of deep conditioning guide and journal here. More guides and Ebooks coming soon. Let me know what else you would love to see in our printables store.

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