What is deep conditioning hair treatments

5 Deep Conditioning Mistakes to Avoid

I don’t know if your hair acts out when you skip deep conditioning, because mine does. Over time I’ve noticed when I skip deep conditioning on a wash day, I experience more shed hair and breakage, a little split ends and frizz. My hair doesn’t feel the same, I know there are people who don’t deep condition at all and their hair looks as fine too.

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Deep conditioning is an essential part of our wash day routine especially if you have dry and damaged hair. Deep conditioners moisturizes & conditions the hair leaving it soft and manageable. They also improve elasticity, repair damage and strengthen the hair minimizing hair breakage.

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Deep conditioning mistakes causing you dry and damaged hair

What’s deep conditioning

Deep conditioning is a wash day step where you apply a moisturizing deep conditioner, protein treatments or a balanced deep conditioner to strengthen hair, repair damage, deep moisturize and condition hair. Most deep conditioners have a good slip that helps with detangling after cleansing the hair.

Deep conditioning products to use.

Deep conditioning products also known as deep conditioners are either moisture or protein based. Moisturizing deep conditioners deep moisturizes the hair leaving it soft and manageable while protein based deep conditioners also referred to as protein treatments, strengthen the hair and repair damage minimizers hair breakage. There are balanced deep conditioners which are both moisture and protein based.

Keep your hair moisturized, soft and improve elasticity with these deep moisturizing deep conditioners;

For damaged and weak hair, these protein treatments will strengthen your hair, repair damage and bring it back to life;

Not sure if your hair needs a protein or moisture based deep conditioner? How about you get yourself a balanced deep conditioner;

Deep Conditioning Mistakes you might be making.

Skipping Deep Conditioners.

Just as shampoos and moisturizing products are important, deep conditioners play an essential role in the health of your hair. As I said earlier, they deep moisturizes your hair, improves your hair’s elasticity, repairs damage and strengthens the hair. Skipping the deep conditioning step means your hair is missing on all that goodness.

Personally, I have noticed when I skip deep conditioning, my hair gets frizzy, there’s more breakage and shed hair, my hair doesn’t feel as healthy and it loses it curl pattern. So, if you wanna keep your hair healthy and thriving, don’t skip this step.

Not thoroughly rinsing off the deep conditioner.

I know you may be tempted to leave some of that goodness on your hair because it has your hair feeling good or you just love the scent. As tempting as it is, don’t do it. That’s how you end up with product build up, flaky and itchy scalp. Deep conditioners are on the heavy side of hair products meaning if you leave them on your hair they may clog your hair pores and eventually weigh down your hair as you keep applying the in between Moisturizing products.

I used to experience itchy scalp a week or more after wash day until I started thoroughly rinsing off the deep conditioner and not applying deep conditioners on my scalp. The point is thoroughly rinse off the deep conditioner as you do with the shampoo. The residue from these products are part of major causes of flaky and itchy scalp.

Over- conditioning.

Over – conditioning may look like conditioning a couple of times a week or keeping the deep conditioner longer than instructed. I know there’s the advise of keeping the deep conditioner overnight, I’ve tried but didn’t notice any positive difference other than super wet hair. Over conditioning may lead to hygral fatigue. Condition once a week or twice a month and don’t keep the conditioner overnight.

Also, using protein treatments only or more than your hair needs may lead to protein overload. Protein overload is a condition where there’s too much protein on your hair. Always aim at keeping the moisture- protein balance.

Inconsistent Application/ Applying whole head at once.

To avoid inconsistent application, section your hair into 4-8 parts then apply a section at a time. Some strands may not get the products when you apply the whole head at once.

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Why deep conditioning 4c hair is important
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Insufficient/ No Heat Usage.

Heat is required for the conditioning nutrients to get infused into your hair strands. Always use heat when deep conditioning, you can either wear a shower cap and wrap a warm towel, use a heat/ thermal cap, steamer or hooded dryer.

Heat tools to use

Other mistakes to avoid;

  • Applying little deep conditioner.
  • using the wrong conditioner to deep condition

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