How to style Afro puffs

10 Afro Puff Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Afro puffs hairstyles are among my favorite styles. I love that they are easy and quick to achieve, look cute and perfect for almost if not all occasions. The best part with afro puff styles is you can use extensions incase of short or medium length hair.

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Afro puffs are low maintenance and manipulation styles which can last you a couple of days to a week depending on how well you care for them. Also, they come in different varieties from high puffs, side puffs, low puffs and you can accessorize them too.

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Best way to style Afro puff on natural hair

How to install afro puffs styles.

  • Start off by moisturizing your hair. Never style or manipulate dry hair. Moisturized hair not only looks good, it is easy to style. Section your hair into 4-8 parts, you can twist the section or hold with a satin scrunchie.
  • Spray water until your hair is damp then follow up with your go to leave-in conditioner to add the moisture and activate the curls. Some leave-in conditioners will not only give your hair moisture but also some defined curls.

The best moisturizing leave-in conditioners;

These leave-in conditioners will leave your hair feeling silky soft, shiny and lush.

  • The next product to use is a moisture sealant. These products keep moisture locked in your hair for longer by coating your hair strands. Sealants are either butters or oils.
High puff styles with fringe

Best sealants to keep moisture locked;

Incase you want your curls or coils popping, you can use a curling cream and use your fingers to curl your hair. Some of the curl creams you can use are;

The next step is to use a elastic band, scrunchie or a headband to style the puff as desired. You can also accessorize the puff with a boho hair band or scarf.

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11 Gorgeous Afro puff styles

Afro puff with bangs and cornrows on the side

Afro puff with bangs and cornrows

High puff

High Afro puff
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Two puffs

Two puffs, side puffs
FB @taramensah

Afro puff with bangs

Afro puff with permrod bangs

Afro puff hairstyles on 4c hair

Afro puff with cornrows

Afro high puff styles
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Side puff

Side high puff styles

Flat Twisted Low puff

Low Afro puff style

Afro puff with side swoop

High Afro puff with a swoop
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For short hair babes, you can still rock a gorgeous puff by using extensions. Here some gorgeous drawstring puff extensions.

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