How to style Natural Hair flat twist

11 Best Flat Twists Hairstyles for Natural Hair.

Flat twists are not only beautiful and elegant protective styles but also help with length retention. I love me some juicy looking flat twists but the issue is, I can’t nail perfect flat twists though.

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4C natural hair needs some TLC and sometimes we just need a break from the combing, styling and everything in between. Protective styles give us a break from the daily manipulation and help us retain as much length as possible.

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Flat twists are perfect protective styles because they are easy to install, low maintenance, don’t need daily manipulation, help retain length and protect the ends.

Flat twist styles for 4c natural hair

How to install flat twists hairstyle

When it comes to cleansing the hair you can either use a conditioning shampoo or clarifying shampoo. Here are some of the shampoos for your hair;

When it comes to deep conditioning, always use a moisturizing deep conditioner on every wash day, a protein treatment when your hair needs it or you can choose a balanced deep conditioners that have both protein and moisturizing properties.

Balanced deep conditioners that will give your hair the moisture and strength it needs;

Flat twist updo on 4c natural hair
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  • Once your hair has absorbed the deep conditioner goodness, thoroughly rinse your hair to avoid build-up causes by the deep conditioner. Personally, I prefer to rinse with lukewarm to cool water.

Always, install any style on moisturized hair. Don’t let your hair dry before moisturizing, applying moisturizing products when your hair is damp and wet, will keep the moisture locked in for longer and your hair will be super moisturized. To moisturize use a leave-in conditioner, for coarse and thick hair, consider thick creams while fine hair lightweight leave-in conditioners will be perfect. Lock in the moisture with a butter or oil and for defined flat twist out, use a curl cream.

The best curl cream for defined flat twist outs;

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Lastly, section your hair into desired parts and flat twist each section. Keep it neat and don’t hold your hair too tight while at it.

Flat Twist Hairstyles/ Flat Twists Updo

Flat Twisted Bun.

I would definitely rock this, it looks all types of gorgeous but I would probably be insecure of my East African girl forehead popping a little too much and my oily-shiny face.

Flat twists with a bun
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Flat Twisted updo with kinky spring twist hair added at the ends

Flat twists with extensions at the end, perfect short and medium size hair. I love the color of the kinky twist hair too.

Flat Twists with extensions
IG @returning2natural

Flat Twisted Faux bun with hair added at the ends.

I love love this style, especially the bun. Looks neat and gorgeous.

Flat Twisted Bun
IG @returning2natural

Accessorized Flat Twist updo

Accessories flat twist updo
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Flat Twisted Low Knot

Flat twisted low knot
IG @returning2natural

Chunky Flat Twists

Chunky flat twist style
IG @gameogfros

Flat Twisted Updo

Flat twisted updo hairstyles
IG @returning2natural

Flat Twist updo with Twist Bangs

Flat twist style with twist bangs
IG @koiledbykoko

Flat Twisted Mohawk

Flat twist mohawk style
IG @returning2natural

Flat Twist Updo

Flat twisted updo hairstyles
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Flat Twisted Faux Puff

Flat Twists with a faux puff
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There you have it curlfriends. We can all agree that flat twists are simply the best.

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