Natural hair puffs style

4C Natural hair puffs; How to keep it looking fresh for a week(s)

Are puffs low manipulation style or a protective style? Well, I’ve worn it as a low manipulation for almost two weeks and thought of sharing how that went.

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I had two strands twists for the longest time and once the scalp started to scream wash me (read itchy scalp.) I washed, deep conditioned and moisturized the twists and once dry, I unravelled them and styled to a puff

Natural hair puff with bangs
Hair puffs

I wore this style for almost two weeks then re-styled to half up, half down style, two side puffs, what I mean to say is I was on a hair styling adventure. Let’s focus on the puff.

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4C Natural hair puffs; How to keep it looking fresh for a week(s)4C Natural hair puffs; How to keep it looking fresh for a week(s)
Half up, Half down and scarf accessories side puffs

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4C Natural hair puffs; How to keep it looking fresh for a week(s)4C Natural hair puffs; How to keep it looking fresh for a week(s)
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Puff Daily Routine

LOC/LCO Moisturizing method

How to keep 4C hair moisturized longer

  • Used a hair tie to hold the puff. Section the front part (bangs) then hold the rest of the hair into a puff. Don’t hold the puff too tight, this may cause strain on your scalp, headaches and eventually thinning and receding hairline.

Top 10 ways to regrow your edges.

  • Comb out the puff with your fingers, hair pick or Afro comb to give it a fuller long and style the bangs. If you feel like you need more curly bangs and puffs twist them or finger coil to achieve desired twists, you can also consider using curling cream to give you the curl definition you deserve.

Benefits of two strand twists and Tips for a bomb twist out.

  • Step out rocking your puff with bangs like the Queen you are.
  • At night you can choose to loosen the puff and twist your hair or let it be and only twist and tuck the bangs if your hair is long. I let my puff be and only twisted the bangs into a chunky twists that I pinned.

Night care routine for natural hair twist outs.

  • The following day(s), moisturize and lock in the moisture. I mixed water and mikalla moisture boost in a spray bottle to remoisturize and sealed with rovie care soft and seal chebe to keep the moisture locked in and the hair feeling soft until the following day.

What I loved about the style.

  • How cute it looked every single day.
  • How easy it was to style my hair every morning, didn’t have to take a thousand years thinking of a style to rock.
  • The fact that you can accessorize the style with a hair scarf..

The downside of puffs.

  • If not installed properly, may cause strain on your scalp, headache and was thinning hair.
  • You might end up being obsessed with the style and wear it for longer than you intended.
  • Since the strands aren’t stretched they will tend to shrink , curl, hug & tangle on each other making detangling quite a job.

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Do you wear hair puffs? How long do you care for & keep them.

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