You are currently viewing Night Twist Out Routine; Maintaining Twist Outs at Night.

Night Twist Out Routine; Maintaining Twist Outs at Night.

Maintaining twist outs at night is essential since it keeps them juicy and curly for the next couple of days. Let’s talk twist out cos most if not all of us love them, I mean who hates some popping & bouncy curls? 

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Maintaining twist out at night
Preserving Twist outs overnight
Night time routine for twist outs
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Nailing a juicy and defined twist out can be a task, then there is the greater task of having it look fresh & defined for a couple of days to a week.

Today’s post is about the greater task, maintaining your twist outs for a couple of days to a week. Incase you missed previous twist out posts;

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First you will have to nail a bomb twist out which means mastering your twisting skill, which products to use and unravelling when the twists are dry. Now that you have your bouncy, juicy and defined twist out, let’s dive into how to keep your twist out looking fresh and defined.

Maintaining twists for a bomb Twist Outs

Twist out night time routine for popping curls.

How you rock your twist out to bed & the TLC you give will determine how long the curls will last or rather how your twist outs will look in the morning. My night time twist out routine is pretty simple, refresh the curls then retwist/ flat twist/ pineapple/ retwist & banding or do banding without retwisting.

First, use a curl refresher or spritz water + leave in /glycerine whatever you use to refresh or re-moisturize your hair. Don’t spray too much product you don’t want to wake up to a damp/wet twist out, just a little to refresh & give your curls the pop then use either of these methods to hold your curls through the night.

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How to sleep with Twist Outs.


Retwist your twist outs into 6-10 chunky twists, the number of chunky twists depends on your volume.

  • Refresh your curls
  • Section your hair using your fingers and twist each section and curl the ends, you don’t want your twists unravelling.
  • Wear your bonnet or wrap your headscarf.
  • Unravel the twists in the morning, separate & fluff them to give you more volume but don’t overdo it, you will lose the curls.

2. Retwisting and banding.

This is one of my favorite methods though it’s a bit time consuming. I love it because I get more length unlike the retwisting only method and the curls be popping.

All you do is refresh, retwist, then use hair bands or ties along the length(stopping right before the ends) to stretch and hold the curls. Don’t hold the hair tight, you can’t afford a headache & an uncomfortable night. Remove the hair ties, unravel the twists, separate, fluff and step out looking like the goddess you are.

3. Banding only.

I’ve done banding just once, I loved the length I got and the curls still looked good. This method will require you to have a couple of hair bands/ ties so if yours keep disappearing to God knows where, purchase some new ones.

  • Refresh your twist out
  • Section using your fingers and hold each section with hair ties from the roots & stopping right before the ends. Don’t hold the roots too tight. Repeat for each section.
  • Wear your bonnet or wrap a satin/ silk headscarf.
  • Remove the hair ties, separate & fluff your twist out.

4. Pineapple.

This is my lazy night or too tired to deal with my hair method. You simply hold all your hair at the top of your head with a scrunchie then wear your bonnet or scarf. Don’t hold it too tight,  use a large satin/ silk scrunchie if you’ve got a lot of hair. Remove the scrunchie & fluff your twist out. Personally, ain’t a fan of this method.

5. Flat twists.

Saved the best for the last, my go to method because it’s easy to install and gives me more length. Flat twists? Yes, flat twists and it goes like;

  • Refresh the curls
  • Section your twists using fingers. I do 2 or 3 flat twists. 2 side flat twists or 2 flat twists one on each side of the head and one in the middle or in between them. Don’t hold the flat twist too tight,  I loosely braid the flat twist ends, they tend to unravel when twisted. 
  • Sleep on my satin pillowcase, I don’t use bonnets or headscarf cos it feels uncomfortable.
  • Take down the flat twists in the morning, fluff the twist out and I’m good to go.

When using this method, don’t use a lot of curl refresher because the hair might not dry just use a little. The next time I’m wearing twist outs, I’ll use all the above methods and do a detailed post with pictures & tutorials.

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How do you keep your twist out looking juicy and defined for days?

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