10 Natural Hair Cornrow Hairstyles for Kids

Cornrows come in different styles, sizes and one thing about them is ; they always look good on kids. Cornrow hairstyles are easy to install and low maintenance protective styles.

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For the lucky few who can install neat conrows, you can install these styles at the comfort of your home. If you aren’t good at cornrows like yours truly here, get a stylist to do it. Search for stylist in your area on Instagram or Google.

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Natural Hair Cornrow Hairstyles for black kids

Everything Cornrow Hairstyles for Kids

How to Prepare your Kid’s Hair for Cornrow Hairstyles.

Before wearing any long term protective style, make sure your hair is clean, deep conditioned and well moisturized. Also, install on tangle free hair.

Detangling and pre- poo.

Do a preshmpoo treatment before cleansing to minimizing the stripping effect of shampoos. Use oils, conditioners or preshampoo products to pre- poo. The best Pre-poo is one that does both detangling and pre-pooing.

Section the hair into 4-8 parts depending on thickness, length or how tangled the hair. Spritz water on the hair until it’s damp then apply the pre- poo product. If the product has a good slip, detangle the hair too. After applying all the sections, wear a shower cap or thermal cap and let it infuse in your hair for a couple of minutes.

Best pre-shampoo products that are amazing detanglers too;

Perfect detanglers for kids;

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Next step is to cleanse your hair and scalp to get rid of all the dirt and sweat. Before applying shampoo, ensure the hair is sopping wet. Use the pads of your fingers or a scalp massager to break down the dirt and products then thoroughly rinse off the shampoo.

Best shampoos for kids.

Deep conditioning

Apply your go to moisturizing deep conditioner and protein treatments(if your kid’s hair needs it or if you always use or intend to use heat before styling.) Deep conditioners repair damage, deep moisturizes, restores elasticity and strengthen the hair minimizing breakage.

After applying the deep conditioner, put on a shower cap and wrap a warm towel to help infuse the deep conditioning nutrients. Let it sit for a couple of minutes/ as instructed then thoroughly rinse it off. You don’t want build up from the deep conditioner, it causes itchy scalp.

Best deep conditioners for kids;


Always style or wear any protective style on already moisturized hair. Moisturized hair is easy to style, it’s soft and manageable. Use a lightweight leave-in conditioner on fine hair and a creamy, thicker leave-in conditioner on thick and coarse hair. Lastly seal in the moisture with moisture sealants, either an oil or butter.

Best Leave-in conditioners for kids

If you intend to use heat or rather hot tools to stretch the hair, be sure to use a heat protectant to protect against heat damage.

How to care for Cornrow Hairstyles

Moisturize as you would when wearing your hair out or as needed. Protective styles retain moisture more than when wearing the hair out. Use moisturizing hair mists for moisturizing or lightweight leave-in conditioners to avoid build up then seal with a light oil.

Moisturizing hair mists for protective styles;

Always protective the hair when sleeping by wearing a satin or silk hair bonnets.

Satin bonnets for kids;

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