Shed hair or Natural Hair Breakage? Know the difference

Know the difference between shed hair and breakage or every hair on your brush / comb is breakage?

Heeyyah mane embracers, how’re y’all holding up? Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my natural hair blog💜💜💜.

Shedding is least talked about, i don’t know why though. I too never knew anything about shedding when i began my hair journey, all i knew is my hair is breaking. Have realized all we talk about is my hair is breaking too much, i can’t stand the breakage and so on. What if i told you some of that breakage is actually shed hair not breakage, Surprised? i know.

Let’s get down to it. Shedding is a natural process occurring at the hair root where your hair sheds 50-100 strands every single day, a lot of strands huh? The oldest hair is shed at the end of hair cycle giving room for new strands to grow. Don’t freak out as some strands are shed your hair is still growing as long as you having a healthy regimen and routine.Shed hair is almost the length of your hair strand and if you look closely the tip of shed hair may appear whitish.

shed hair and hair breakage

When detangling make sure all the shed hair is off your mane because it tends to tangle with your stands forming single strands knots/tangles especially if your hair has split ends. Getting rid of shed hair sometimes may feel like you are losing too much hair, don’t freak just let it all go and save yourself the knots and tangles as well as breakage from detangling.

If you skip and extend wash days, you’ll notice more shed hair from the detangling and washing process. Also if you wear a protective style for long you’ll have more shed hair when you undo the style. On the flip side too much or excessive shedding should be of concern. By excessive shedding i mean the hair shed is too much and you notice your hair is thinning losing your volume. If you experience excessive shedding the reasons would; scalp conditions, poor diet, stress or a medical issue.

Hair breakage is just breakage occurring at any point of your hair unlike shedding that happens at the root.Breakage isn’t a natural process it’s caused by hair dryness, not moisturizing well, over-manipulation, tight hairstyles like braids, holding your hair tightly, detangling dry hair and so on. Hair breakage is identified as strands that are shorter than your hair length and sometimes you can hear your hair break. It makes a snap like sound when breaking that is why you should gentle with your hair.

That’s all folks,see you on the next post how do you differentiate between shed hair and breakage?

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