Wash day steps; How to Properly wash and condition Type 4 Hair

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How you care for your hair determines how long and healthy your hair will be. The right hair care practices and products are essential for growing your natural hair & how you wash and condition your hair tops the list.

Dirt, dust and products build up clog the scalp pores suffocating the scalp causing itchiness. Cleansing the scalp creates the perfect environment for the scalp. Conditioning on the other hand, strengthens & moisturizes the hair. So, you clean the scalp & condition the hair.

Let’s get down to how to properly wash & condition your hair or rather how your wash should look like.

Sectioned hair for wash day
The morning after wash day look.

Section the hair.

The very first wash day step other than taking pictures of your Afro is sectioning the hair. Why section the hair? It is easier to work with one section at a time other than the whole head & if your hair tends to tangle a lot, this tip is a life saver. The number of sections depends on your volume and length.

Pre-poo & Detangle.

Pre-poo is the short form of pre-shampoo that’s the treatment done before shampooing to minimize the stripping effect of shampoo. Learn more about pre-poo here. Use a pre-poo product that is moisturizing and will give you a good slip for detangling(getting rid of tangles.) Catch up on detangling tips here.

You can detangle as you pre-poo or do the pre-poo treatment then detangle.


This is where the shampoo comes in. If possible avoid sulphate shampoo because they may dry out the hair and discolor your hair(have experienced these before.) Use a sulphate free shampoo or black soap.

When cleansing, first wet your hair until it’s soaking wet to properly lather. Apply the shampoo on the scalp and massage to get rid of all the dirt and build up then rinse with warm water.

hair regimen.. shampooing step

Deep conditioning.

Deep conditioners moisturize (moisturizing deep conditioners), repair & strengthen(protein deep conditioners) your hair. Read more about these conditioners here.

Apply deep conditioners on damp hair starting from the ends to roots as you detangle then wear your shower cap/thermal cap for the nutrients to infuse the strands or warm up the deep conditioner then apply. Use a moisturizing deep conditioner every time you shampoo & protein treatment monthly or after 6-8 weeks depending on how damaged your hair feels. Follow up with a moisturizing deep conditioner after using  a protein deep conditioner or purchase a 2in1 deep conditioner.

Moisturizing & Sealing.

This is the last wash day step. Don’t rinse off the conditioners & let your air dry, add some more moisture and the seal. To moisturize dry your hair by squeezing out the water until your hair is damp, apply your favorite moisturizer or leave-in conditioner then seal with oils/butter/creams and let your hair air dry.

product_image_name-Mosara-Moisture Milk - 250ml-1

You can braid your hair or twist it to stretch, you don’t want your hair drying in a shrunken state. Type 4 hair shrinks a lot , strands hug each other & end up tangling. So,  stretch it before air drying. Know more about how to moisturize your hair here.


Those are the essential wash day steps that you shouldn’t skip if you wanna grow healthy and long hair. Your wash day is as easy or complicated as you want it.

Lately, I’ve been washing my hair in twists and will fill you in about it in the next post. Catch up on all wash day related posts here.

wash and condition then wear a protective styles

Why deep conditioning your Type 4 Natural Hair is Essential for growth of healthy hair.

Whether your hair feels healthy, don’t skip the deep conditioning step. Hello ManEmbracers, I hope your hair is growing and skin glowing. Welcome to my blog and be sure to keep it here for everything hair care. To my loyal ones & day ones welcome back.  What’s deep conditioning? Deep conditioning is an essential wash day step that involves applying a moisturizing and/or protein treatment  to restore moisture, improve elasticity, repair and strengthen hair, reduce breakage and split ends. Experiencing dry, damaged hair and a lot of breakage and shedding? Well, about time you invested in a moisturizing and protein deep conditioner, both are essential for growth of healthy hair. Deep conditioners are also referred to as; hair mask, reconstructors, deep treatments, penetrating treatment, deep masque etc. Deep Conditioner Types. There are 2 deep conditioner types ;  Moisturizing deep conditioner (restores/ retains moisture and improves elasticity)  Protein deep conditioner (repairs damage, strengthens the hair minimizing breakage and damage) Balanced deep conditioner (works as a moisturizing and protein treatment 2-in1 deep conditioner) Each of the deep conditioners has specific ingredients that you should look out for when purchasing. For moisturizing deep conditioners, look out for products with humectants & emollients & protein deep conditioners must have amino acids, hydrolyzed proteins etc. Moisturizing Deep Conditioners for Type 4 Dry Natural hair. Why protein treatment is essential for Healthy Type 4 Natural Hair. Why deep condition? Restore moisture after cleansing. Improves hair elasticity Adds or restores natural shine. Repairs and prevents damage. Strengthens the hair minimizing breakage and split ends. How to deep condition. Start off with freshly washed hair. Detangle, use your favorite shampoo to cleanse & thoroughly rinse off the shampoo. Dry your hair until it’s damp  Section your hair & apply the conditioner from the ends to the roots of your strands on each section. Ensure every strand is coated with the hair mask, detangle with your fingers then use a wide tooth comb to properly get rid of the tangles. Twist each section after  applying the deep conditioner. Wear a shower cap, thermal cap to infuse the conditioner nutrients in your strands. You can also warm up the deep conditioner before application, make sure the conditioner isn’t too hot, just warm. Leave the conditioner  for 30 minutes to an hour, you can leave it overnight (the downside of this is you might over moisturize your hair) Rinse off with cool water & if after rinsing your hair feels moisturized, softer & manageable, the deep conditioner has done its job. Deep conditioning Tips. Always aim at maintaining the moisture-protein balance for growth of healthy hair. Heat is important for deep conditioning, it opens up the cuticle for the nutrients to penetrate. Deep condition with a moisturizing deep conditioner every time you deep cleanse your hair. How often you use protein treatments depends on the state of your hair, how often you use heat and manipulate. Don’t overdo it, letting your deep conditioner sit on your hair overnight consistently might lead to over conditioning or hygral fatigue. How often do you deep conditioner and what tips have worked for you?

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Why protein treatment is essential for Healthy Type 4 Natural Hair.

When was the last time you deep conditioned with a protein based conditioner/ protein treatment? We rarely talk about protein deficiency or even complain about it. Hello ManEmbracers, I hope your hair is growing and skin glowing. Welcome to my blog and be sure to keep it here for everything hair care. To my loyal ones & day ones welcome back. Protein based deep conditioners are as important as the moisturizing deep conditioner because maintaining the moisture- protein balance is essential for growth of healthy hair, minimize breakage, repair damage and strengthen the hair. Our hair is made up of keratin, a protein which due to daily manipulation, use of heat, chemicals, colors and environmental stressors get worn out. Protein treatments come in handy to fill the gaps left by the worn out keratin. Keratin keeps your hair strong thus minimizing breakage and hair shedding.  How often you use protein treatment depends on the amount of damage , manipulation, if you’ve recently colored your hair, amount of breakage you’re experiencing and how your hair feels. How to tell your hair needs protein; Hair is highly porous- absorb & release moisture faster than normal. Hair looks limp, lacks the bouncy look & looks dull. Hair lacks its elasticity. Hair feels gummy or sticky Increased breakage & shedding. Which ingredients should you look for in a protein based deep conditioner? Hydrolyzed proteins are the main ingredients to look for when purchasing a protein based deep conditioner. Why hydrolyzed proteins? Because hydrolyzed proteins have been broken into smaller particles that can be easily absorbed & they include Hydrolyzed soy protein Hydrolyzed wheat Keratin Hydrolyzed silk Hydrolyzed oat flour Collagen Lipids Amino acids Protein treatments for type 4 hair Aphogee Keratin Reconstructor Product Promise, “APHOGEE Two step protein treatment is a serious treatment for seriously damaged hair. It rebuilds broken damaged hair. Rebuilds hair structure within six weeks. Ideal for Permed, tinted or relaxed hair. Stops hair breakage” Product Review, “The best protein treatment for curly hair” Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil Protein Conditioner Product Promise, “Perfect as a deep-conditioning treatment, this conditioner infuses moisture, shine, and strength into the hair follicle. Natural proteins strengthen hair to decrease frizz, improve volume, and increase hair growth.” Product Review, “I would definitely recommend this product to my friends. It is a wonderful protein treatment for your hair.” ApHogee Intensive 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructor Product Promise, “Prevents breakage and split ends. Antioxidant green tea protects hair. Adds body for easier styling.” Product Review, “It works great as a light protein treatment for my natural hair. It doubles nicely for a deep conditioner. Great purchase.” Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Yogurt Hydrate + Repair Protein-Strong Treatment Product Promise, “This masque treatment powered by reparative proteins and butters, in a nutrient-rich strengthening cream to naturally reinforce and revitalize over-processed, abused hair fibers, while reducing breakage up to 76%” Product Review, “Perfect protein treatment for my fine damaged curly hair.” How do you maintain the moisture – protein balance & which protein treatment works for your hair?

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