You are currently viewing 6 Months Length retention challenge with Mini Twists.

6 Months Length retention challenge with Mini Twists.

This is the last post of the natural hair length retention challenge with mini twists.

Hello ManEmbracers, Welcome to my blog, I hope your hair is growing and skin glowing.

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If you have been following my socials or blog posts, you know have been on length retention challenge since February. So far so good and am more obsessed with two strands than I did prior to this challenge.

Do I notice more length? Yes, I do though I didn’t enjoy the twisting part of this challenge. My mini twists tip; start off with twisting medium/chunky twists then minimize them.

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I used products from forgrac naturals, mazuri hair and skincare, DIY rice water, Aloe vera gel & bantu naturals ke. Wanna start the length retention challenge with mini twists, check the above posts for details and y’all who took part in the challenge, share your results with me.

Length retention challenge with mini twists.

Mini Twists at the start & Mid challenge

Hair growth challenge mini twists
Length Retention challenge with Mini Twists

Twist outs at the start of the challenge

Mini twists hair challenge for growth and Length Retention
Retaining hair length with mini twists

Twist outs at the end of the challenge.

Twist outs
Mini twists out

Afro puff Mid challenge

Mini twists care
Length retention with mini twists

Afro puff at the end of the challenge.

Styling mini twists out as puffs
Mini twist outs

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