You are currently viewing My first Rice Water trial on my Type 4 Hair.

My first Rice Water trial on my Type 4 Hair.

So, I hopped into the Rice water bandwagon. I’ve been a chicken about it for the longest time cos ain’t so much into hyped stuff but I do get FOMO sometimes.

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Let’s get into my first rice water trial but before that, check out a detailed post on the history of rice water, its benefits, and how to prepare and store it.

How I prepared the rice water.

I ended up using fermented rice water though it wasn’t the initial plan. The plan was to soak rice overnight then use it. Did the plan go through? Nah, I ended up using it after three days as a protein deep conditioner, it’s been a minute since I used a protein treatment.

After rinsing rice water

How I prepared & Used the fermented rice water.

  • Washed half a cup of rice
  • Soaked in warm water in a sealed container.
  • Left it for three days. On the second day, I added lemon peels to curb the smell.
  • On the D-day, I drained the rice water into a spray bottle.
  • I did spray the rice water on my mini twists after cleansing then put on my shower cap and let it sit for an hour.
  • Rinsed it off. So, I was to follow up with a moisturizing deep conditioner but my hair felt sorta soft and manageable.
  • Instead of following up with moisturizing deep conditioner, I moisturized with a moisturizer & sealed with a light butter.
  • I’ll be using rice water as pre poo on my next wash day, so watch out for that. In the meantime let’s catch up on Instagram.

This is how twists looked after cleansing

My mini twists after moisturizing.

Rice water trial on natural hair mini twists

The roots of twists got puffy “untwisted”, so I had to retouch the visible parts(back, front and back)

Rice water on natural hair growth
Ain’t sure if you can see how my roots look like.

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How to Co-wash mini twists.

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    Most people in my area have no knowledge of the fact that fast growth shampoos (obviously with no sulfates, no parabens, no DEA) are even a thing. We can now enjoy longer hair and enjoy more possibilities. Definitely worth looking into it.

    If you’re addressing alopecia, hair damage, preventing skin disorders, hair growth, hair and scalp care at large, the same thoughts come to mind.

    In general, you have to avoid hair products and treatments that use chemicals such as parabens, DEA or sulfates.

    What is beneficial for your hair is healthy for your skin all the same.

    It goes without saying your content above is so useful for multiple reasons. It stays away from the accustomed mistakes and errors most fall into: purchasing ineffective alternatives. Keep it up!

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      Tell them Sis! Thank you for reading & being part of hair care tribe.💜💜💜

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