Maintaining Mini Twists for 6 weeks

Update on my 6 weeks old mini twists. How I have been  maintaining them from moisturizing, washing, conditioning & stretching for more length.

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Have had mini twists for the longest time and for some reason I feel so proud of myself. The longest I’ve worn my mini twists is 3-4 weeks, the urge to see my Afro out doesn’t let me wear protective styles for longer.

The medium sized twists

How to keep your mini twists for 6 Weeks

The mini twists started off as medium twists. Installed medium size twists then reduced them to mini twists.

I love mini twists because they last longer, the roots don’t get fluffy as fast as medium twists.

Mini Twists
Mini twists

After 3 weeks, my scalp was getting itchy (the it’s about time you wash your hair alarm). Cleaned my scalp and mini twists, conditioned with rice water for the very first time. Catch on the rice water on mini twists post here.

After washing, conditioning & moisturizing mini twists
After washing, conditioning & moisturizing.

The roots got a little fluffy after wash day, so I had to refresh the visible parts of the mini twists (front, sides & back) to give them a neat look.

It’s week 6 today and this is how my mini twists look like. I’ll be taking them down soon and maybe take a break from mini twists.

Stretching mini twists

Shared a moisturizing & stretching mini twists tutorial on my Facebook page, check it out here.

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