Heat Protectant to avoid heat damage

Years Without Heat Styling 4C Natural Hair

How long can you go without using heat? How often do you use heat on your hair? In today’s post, I share routine, tips and how I go for years without using heat.

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How to not use heat on your hair
No heat styling 4c natural hair
Not using heat on 4c natural hair

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A little back story, I’ve always disliked heat mainly because some hair stylist out here will roast your hair and ears too, being gentle isn’t part of their job description. My hair care journey was fueled by the hair roasting, I figured if I learn how to care for my natural hair, I’ll no longer need to use heat.

I don’t know who lied to us that straight hair looks better, lush and more professional than our kinks and curls. I love my shrunken Afro, puffs, twist outs, mini twists, I mean the versatility. Back to learning to care for my hair, what it likes, dislikes, staying away from heat and everything in between.

Is it possible to not use heat for months and years? Yes it is but you have to be intentional with learning and unlearning what you’ve known about hair care, be open to new ways, create a routine and be consistent, adopt healthy hair care practices and use healthy hair care products.

Heat Protectant to avoid heat damage
Pros and cons of heat styling

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How I go for years without using heat.

Well, I started by creating a simple hair care routine; cleanse and deep condition after every two weeks, moisturize daily and wore mostly high puffs, frohawks and two strand twists. The routine was easy to maintain until my hair got longer and thicker, I now cleanse and deep condition monthly, my hair is mostly in mini twists or medium size twists.

How My routine looks like now.

Cleanse and deep condition every month. My wash day starts with a pre-poo and detangling with rosemary infused oil or I go straight to detangling in the shower with an instant conditioner then cleanse paying attention to my scalp.

After cleansing, I apply the deep conditioner, let it sit for an hour before rinsing off. I pat my hair with an old T-shirt (you can use a microfiber towel) to absorb the excess water until the hair is damp then I moisturize. With moisturizing, I apply a leave-in conditioner then seal with butter.

To avoid using heat to stretch, I braid my hair to stretch it or install flat twists. I let my hair air dry in flat twists or braids, once dry I unravel and install two strand twists.

Twists done without heat stretching, twisting without using heat

I keep the two strand twists for 3 weeks, unravel them leaving my hair open for a week before cleansing again. My weekly routine comprises of mid-week moisturizing and oiling my scalp if it needs it, I’ve been using rosemary water for my final rinses which seems to alter sebum production leading to dry scalp. I sleep on satin pillowcases, I don’t cover my head when sleeping because it feels hella uncomfortable.

My favorite go to products.

Must have hair tools

If you have been using heat constantly and want to stop for whatever reason, my advice to you is create a simple routine, switch to healthy hair practices, do research on hair care and lastly if your hair has heat damage, add protein treatments to your routine to repair damage, strengthen the hair and also trim the damaged ends as you grow out your natural texture.

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