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Mosara Kenya Products Review on 4C Natural Hair

Another one from my favorite brand, Mosara Kenya and this time is a review of their whole product line #Ad.

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Mosara products
Mosara Kenya products Review

You can’t talk about moisture without mentioning mosara. I mean,  their products are formulated with natural ingredients that restore moisture, improves elasticity softens & strengthens the hair. Looking for products to grow your hair long, thick and healthy? Read on.

Mosara Kenya is a made in kenya hair care brand whose products are crafted from 100% natural ingredients for growth of healthy hair. You can purchase their products on Jumia , their website and multiple physical stockists including Super Cosmetics. They do deliver countrywide, wherever you are in Kenya and USA the products will get to you.

Mosara Range of Products

  • Sulfate free shampoo
  • Mosara Rich Conditioner
  • Deep Treatment Masque
  • Moisture Milk
  • Hydrating Butter.

Sulfate Free Shampoo.

It’s a mild clarifying shampoo with a blend of mild sulfate free surfactants, coconut oil, quaternary salts that gently wash away dirt and build up. If you worry about stripping off of natural oils, well this is your go to shampoo and it’s almost scent free. Ideal for natural hair, relaxed, dreadlocked and colored hair.

Mosara sulfate free shampoo
Mosara Kenya shampoo
Price Ksh 650

My Review.

The shampoo is scentless, sensitive to strong scents? Well, you would love this product. I love that it lathers easily, you don’t need a lot of shampoo. Side note; always have your hair sopping wet before applying shampoo for easier lathering.

It did its cleansing job perfectly without stripping the natural oils. I pre-poo with coconut oil infused with rosemary and hibiscus then detangled with Mosara rich conditioner.

Mosara Rich Conditioner.

It’s a triple threat, pre-poo, detangler, co-wash product and if you use an instant conditioner after cleansing, it’s perfect for that too. It’s formulated with softening, conditioning and detangling agents, coconut , castor and avocado oils.

Mosara rich Conditioner
Mosara Kenya rich Conditioner review
Price Ksh 450

My Review.

I’ve used it as a detangler and co-wash product. Easily melted away the tangles but first you have to spray water on your hair before application for that melt away the tangles instantly slip. Did a good job as a co-wash, I was impressed though I had to use a lot more conditioner (we all know cleansing isn’t a conditioner’s job, right?

Deep treatment masque.

Deep conditioning is that one wash day step you don’t wanna skip if your goal is less breakage and more length retention. Mosara treatment masque is a softening and moisturizing hair treatments with softening, conditioning & detangling agent, castor, coconut and avocado oils to replenish dry hair with moisture, improve elasticity, manageability and balances scalp’s pH.

Deep treatment masque restores moisture, softens the hair, improves elasticity, strengthens the hair, adjusts, balances and maintains the pH.

Mosara deep treatment masque
Mosara Kenya deep treatment masque review
Price for 250g Ksh 450

My Review 

The scent is a little strong but not overwhelming, I loved the consistency, a uniformly thick masque. I warmed some of that goodness in a different container, then applied on my strands after rinsing off the shampoo, detangled and let it sit for an hour.

This is how I know whether the deep conditioner did its job. After rinsing it off, I braid or twist my hair without applying a moisturizer. If my hair feels moisturized and silky soft after air drying, the conditioner is a gem and this masque did that thing.

Moisture Milk.

Light weight, creamy, mild delicious scent and moisturizing describes this moisturizer. Adds shine, minimizes frizz and preps your hair for styling. Use it in place of a leave-in conditioner.

Mosara moisture milk
Mosara Kenya moisture milk review
Price Ksh 500

My Review.

We all love products that moisturize our hair leaving it silky soft and manageable and this product is it for me. I apply it either on dry or damp hair though I love applying on dry hair more because I don’t experience as much shrinkage like I would when I first spray water then apply the moisturizer.

I love how my hair feels after moisturizing, the silky soft feel is more than I would ask for. I do seal the moisture with mosara hydrating butter which acts as a moisturizer and sealant for me.

Mosara Hydrating Butter.

Saved the best for the last. If you’ve been here since late last year you know this is my favorite product ever. It’s formulated with a unique blend of oils and butter that keeps your hair hydrated for days, silky soft and shiny.

Mosara hydrating butter
Mosara Kenya hydrating butter review
Price for 250g Ksh 500

Ain’t gonna say much about it here because I dedicated it, a whole blog post review. If I were you I would do myself a favor and check it out.

This is one brand that I happen to love all of their products. I mean, who would say no to products that help you smash those hair goals.

They do have a starters kit (sulphate shampoo, hydrating butter & deep treatment mask) on Jumia.

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I would love to know if you have used any of the products, how you like and which is your favorite.

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