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Hair Detangling & 10 More Natural Hair Care Tips.

It’s getting personal today on matters relationship with my beautiful mane.

Hello ManEmbracers, I hope your hair is growing and skin glowing. Welcome to my blog and be sure to keep it here for everything hair care. To my loyal ones & day ones welcome back.

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Been meaning to do this post for sometime but wasn’t sure on how to frame it, I love order and procedure. Here is to letting it flow ???.

What’s the post about you ask. Well, random stuff about hair care reality, what has changed, lessons, fun, struggle and everything in between.

Random 4c Hair Care Stuff

I love my shrunken Afro more.

I know most of us love seeing and flaunting our length, that was me sis but lately I prefer a shrunken Afro that doesn’t keep getting into my mouth, food, drinks, eyes etc. I don’t hate my hair long but most days I want a manageable, tame-able length, feel me?

 I want my medium length hair back and I am getting a little scissors excited. I might actualize that or maybe not, time will tell.

What I love about 4C natural hair, Natural Hair live
The shrunken Afro

Never used curling creams.

How do I get defined braid outs and twists outs? Simple, a leave-in that defines my curl pattern. I have never used a curling cream since I embraced my Nywele 4C( 4C hair) mostly because I wasn’t obsessed with defined twists outs or braid outs, I wear my braids and twists for a couple of weeks and take them down when my hair needs a wash or when have had enough of them.

Top 30 Best Curling Creams for Type 4 Hair.

As for styling gels, I have used mikalla styling gel once for a puff and I didn’t like the crunchy feel though I loved how sleek my puff looked. This year I’m planning on trying out curling creams because why not, right?

Different hair textures, one head.

Do you belong to this, ” I need more moisturizing product because the hair here doesn’t retain the moisture, got to twist each section before twisting both of them because I need a uniform definition, ” club? No? That ain’t part of your hair struggle?

Sis! That’s one of my struggles, especially the moisturizing part. The hair middle to front part absorbs products better and faster thus experiences build up as fast and the hair at the back is the exact opposite. Have learn’t to give each part the unique attention it needs.

Top 10 ways to moisturize Natural Hair.

Top 40 Leave-In conditioners for 4C Natural Hair.

How to use leave-in Conditioners on Type 4 Natural Hair.

Cute styles & Styling isn’t for me

I will watch a youtube tutorial on repeat but still won’t nail the style. I only nail it in my head but on my hair, it’s an epic fail always. I no longer try those cute inspo styles saved on my pinterest because they just never work out but I ain’t mad though? ?. I know ain’t the only one struggling with this.

Is the hair on my left longer?

For the longest time, I felt like my hair on the left side was always longer and it never sat well with me. I would think maybe I experience more breakage on the right side though I don’t see any breakage, you know the negative thoughts.

Once I even trimmed the hair but it ended up growing longer than the right side but right now I’m okay with it. I read an article by a naturalista who shared that her hair grows more on some parts of her head. It feels good to not be alone on this side of uneven growth and length.

Random 4C natural hair tips and facts, natural hair growth and tips
Notice the left side length and volume looks different?

No puffs 2022

Not because they have caused any damage, receding hairline or something like that. Sis is just not feeling the puffs anymore. Puffs have always been my to go style but not anymore, shrunken Afro is the way to go.

Natural hair puffs; Top 8 Things you Must Know.

Routine changes.

Went from washing my hair twice a month to once a month, reason? We will never know. I just noticed I don’t cleanse as often as I used to and my hair is still flourishing. It’s okay to change or switch up your routine, I mean, a change is as good as a rest.

I think I should do a post on my current routine. Catch up on my previous routine here.

No oils.

I know this has been trending for sometime now and I didn’t stop using oils because of that. My hair was still doing okay when I used to seal with oils, I wouldn’t say oils ain’t good for your hair.

I have been using the LC moisturizing method where I either apply leave-in and a cream or spritz water and apply the cream and the cream here is the mosara hydrating butter. I noticed it works as a moisturizer and sealant for me.

Heat freaks me out.

I know I’m not the only one, am I ? I always imagine experiencing heat damage when using heat, I know correct heat use and heat protectants exist but nah sis. I’m okay with my shrunken Afro though I would love to see my length again and flip it for a couple of days.

Detangling in the shower.

For the longest time I thought detangling sopping wet hair isn’t advisable but I noticed it’s the easiest way to get rid of those stubborn tangles, they just melt away.

Apply a detangler or an instant conditioner with a great slip on sopping wet hair, coat every strand with the detangler then use a wide tooth comb or a detangling brush to detangle. Have you tried detangling in the shower? Lemme know how you like it.

Stretching using flat twists.

As much as I would love to say my flat twists are always neat and juicy looking, I can’t but they do look okay. Lately, I’m stretching my hair using flat twists because they give me more length than braids and they are my go to indoors protective styles.

Stretching 4C Natural Hair; Flat twists Vs Braids.

You will find me in flat twists most of the time, they are easy to do, maintain and give me stretched hair with some defined curls. What more would a girl ask for?

Satin pillowcases? Yes please.

I can never sleep with my head covered, it feels so uncomfortable and the probability of waking up with the head scarf or bonnet on my head is zero, I just can’t. I prefer sleeping on satin/ silk pillowcases.

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Well, that was my unplanned blog post. I hope you have learnt at least one thing or you have had a me too sis moments. Lemme know random things about the relationship you have with your hair.

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