Everything Tangles and how to properly detangle Type 4 Natural Hair.

Tangles! Tangles! Tangles! Let’s talk about causes of tangles and how to properly detangle even the worst tangles.

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Detangling natural hair
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Let’s talk about tangles for a minute but first, is your hair always tangled? Here is why. Tangles and knots can be such a pain but can be minimized.

How to minimize tangles.

  • Keep your hair moisturized. Moisturize properly and regularly.
  • Let go of damaged and split ends.
  • Don’t keep your two strand twists for too long and re-twist when you notice your roots are getting fluffy after cleansing.
  • Detangle properly 
  • Consider low manipulation styles to wearing your hair out
  • Wear low manipulation & protective styles on stretched hair.
  • Pat your hair with an old t-shirt/ towel to absorb the water after cleansing or use a microfiber towel. Avoid vigorously rubbing your hair with a towel.

Essential detangling tools.

How to properly detangle/ ultimate detangling steps.

  • Work with sections. First, section into smaller parts. Detangling smaller sections is easier and not as time consuming.
  • Start with damp hair. Spray water on your hair until damp.
  • Add a conditioner/ detangler with a good slip to smoothen the tangles.
  • Start detangling from the ends to the roots with your fingers. Don’t snap off the tangles, slowly separate the strands from the tangle.
  • Comb with a wide tooth comb from the ends to the roots of each section then run it through your entire length. You can also use a detangling brush to detangle.
  • Twist / braid or clip the detangled section and repeat the same for all other sections.

24 Best Detanglers for Tangled 4C Natural Hair

Detanglers & conditioners to check out / purchase.

Share with the tribe your detangling tips and detangling products and tools that have worked for you.

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