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Top 11 Natural Hair Care Books

Not a fan of researching content on blogs or YouTube? Wanna have your content packaged in a book? Well, here are a few hair care books you can check out.

Feel like your hair has been the same length forever, I’ve an Ebook that will help you grow your hair healthier, longer and thicker. Grab your copy here… Also, check out all the Ebooks,guides and journals that will go a long way in your hair care journey here.

Hair care books

Natural Hair care books

Hello Mane embracers, I hope your hair is growing and skin glowing. Welcome to my blog and be sure to keep it here for hair tips and tricks.

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Must have Natural Hair Care Books

#1: The Science of black hair.

This is a must read for every beginner or any naturalista that wanna know about the science side of natural hair from growth phrases, ingredients to look for in products, creating hair care regimen and tips to care & grow your hair. I loved how the moisture-protein balance was explained in detail. All I can say is, it’s a well researched book and a must read. I’m guilty of referring to the book every now & then.

#2: Better than good hair.

We all know Nikki Walton from Curly Nikki blog, that was the blog that came through for me during my beginner days. She shares styling tips, DIY hair care recipes, product recommendations, how to care for kid’s hair and styling tutorials.

#3: If you love it, it will Grow.

Dr Phoenyx Austin focuses on stages of hair growth, different hair types & tops on stopping hair breakage and loss. She shares how to create a hair regimen, love your hair and achieve health, length and strength, lifestyle tips and nutrition affects hair growth.

#4: 21 Natural hair growth stimulators.

Length & volume chasers and y’all experiencing hair loss.  Sabrina Perkin shares ingredients or rather everyday items one can use to grow their mane. Want thicker, fuller & healthier hair? This book is perfect for you.

#5: Grow it.

Chicoro shares 6 steps (Detangling, Cleansing, Conditioning, Moisturizing, Growing & Protecting) to growing your hair healthy, long and thick.  

Other books you can check out;

45 Homemade natural hair care recipes by C collins

The Natural hair bible by Breanna Rutter

The Ten Hair Commandments for Girls with curls by K A Satcher

The beginner’s guide to Natural Hair by Argena Hall

Thank God I’m Natural by Chris Tia Donaldson 

Ayurvedic Herbs for Natural Hair by Argena Hall

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