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Bantu Naturals Ke Products review.

Heard of Bantu Naturals hair care brand or tried it?

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So, I have been using Bantu naturals Ke black soap enriched with hibiscus and their kinks softening butter which I love & it’s only fair that I share the review with you guys.

Are you a beauty on a budget? Well, this black soap is your to go to cos it doubles up as a body wash & hair shampoo. It works wonders on your skin and hair & the best part is a little goes a long way since it easily lathers. The scent is mild so if you’re sensitive to strong scents, this is the product for you.  Let’s start off with the benefits of black soap & hibiscus(cos I always google benefits of ingredients in products) then my review.

Bantu Naturals products

Black Soap.

Benefits of black soap on hair

  • Has high nutrient contents(minerals & vitamins) that nourishes the scalp.
  • Softens the hair, doesn’t leave your hair feeling hard & dry.
  • Cleanses the hair & skin. Removes dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells.
  • Fights acne
  • Promotes hair growth.

Benefits of Hibiscus on hair

  • Stimulates hair growth & stops hair loss
  • Exfoliates the skins & evens skin tone
  • Prevent premature graying.
  • Thicken hair & add volume.
  • Treat dandruff and itchy scalp
  • Has anti-aging properties.
  • Prevents split ends, frizz, dry hair and breakage.
  • Moisturizes the skin & conditions the hair.
bantu naturals black soap

The product is loaded with all the benefits that we all are chasing when it comes to skin and hair care. I love the fact that a little of black soap goes a long way, easily lathers but you have to make sure your hair is soaking wet before applying the soap.

It deeply cleanses your scalp leaving it super clean without drying out your hair. It leaves my hair feeling so soft and I noticed my curls popping after cleansing. If you are looking for a cleansing shampoo that’s moisturizing, this is the product for you.

Have been using it on my face as well and guys the results are amazing. I feel like I should have documented the progress. I can say my skin is evenly toned cos my chin area was a little bit darker but not anymore and you can barely notice I had acne, it’s clearing up. This is a product I would definitely recommend & it’s officially added to my holy grail products cos it’s a life saver.

Kinks softening butter.

Bantu naturals kinks softening butter

Kinky queens this butter(mango butter with almond & avocado oils)  is designed just for your kinks. The first thing I noticed about the butter is the delicious scent, the first couple of days I used it, I kept smelling my hair. I love love the scent.

Benefits of mango butter on hair

  • Amazing moisture sealant with smooth consistency.
  • Perfect for styling.
  • Nourishes the hair. Prevents dry, damage & frizz.
  • Increases hair shine.

I use the butter for braids and twists, first, cos it keeps the styles moisturized and soft for days up to a week and second, the styles tend to hold better and the braid & twists out definition is what I live for. What more could you ask for? Just like the black soap, a little goes a long way & it’s not called softening butter just to sell, it fulfills its softening promise.

Would I recommend these products? Absolutely. Black soap costs Ksh500 & Mango butter Ksh 1000. Bantu Naturals other products like; Herbal infusion daily moisturizing spritz, Glow butter & Glow mask. I’ll do a review on them as well when I get to use them. Check out the products and where to purchase here.

Have you used Bantu Naturals products?

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