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5 Scalp Care Tips for Hair Growth

Healthy scalp, Healthy hair. Scalp care is essential for growth of healthy hair.

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How to care for your scalp if you wanna grow your hair healthy, long and thick

Let’s talk scalp care for a minute since all we do talk about is hair length, styling and volume. We only talk of our scalp when experiencing itchy scalp, dandruffs or dry/oily scalp. The scalp is part of your skin only that it’s covered with hair. Taking care of your scalp ought to be part of you skin care routine. Most scalp conditions can be avoided by embracing healthy scalp care practices.

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Top Scalp care Tips

Keep your scalp clean.

A clean scalp is essential for healthy hair growth. Dirt, dust, sweat and products clog your follicles responsible for hair growth and sebum production. For the workout enthusiasts or those who work in places where you’re in contact with dirt and dust, co-wash in between wash days to get rid of the dirt and sweat.

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If you experience product build up use a clarifying shampoo once in a while to get rid of the build up. Once you shampoo your scalp give it a soothing and light massage to get open the hair follicles.


The scalp produces natural oil which keeps it healthy and moisturized and over-washing/cleansing strips off the natural oils off the scalp causing your scalp to dry, damaging it. Frequently using the clarifying/sulfate shampoo also strips off the natural oils. Use the clarifying shampoo once in a while if you experience dirt and product build up.

Scalp massages.

Just like every part of your skin, the scalp has blood vessels that circulate nutrients to your scalp. Scalp massages ensure blood circulation within your scalp and stimulate growth.

Scalp massages after shampooing help with getting rid of build and unclogging the hair follicles. Massage using your finger pads or a scalp massager in a circular motion and gently don’t press your scalp or use your nails.

Protective Styling/Over-manipulation.

Be cautious with the protective styles you wear. Tightly held styles cause strain and tension to your scalp damaging it. Avoid pulling your strands when plaiting or having a huge extension on a small patch of hair. Over manipulation too weakens and damages your scalp, style your hair at least twice a week. Go slow on heat as well, the heat, pull strains your scalp damaging it. Use minimal heat if you have to.

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5 Scalp Care Tips for Hair Growth

Brushes and combs.

Brushes and combs with rough bristles thins your hair and can cause damage to your scalp, get brushes and combs that are soft, fine and with plastic bristles gentle on your scalp. Use wide toothed combs if you need to and stay away from rat tail combs unless if you are sectioning your hair since the pull your hair and cause strain on your scalp damaging.

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And moisturize your scalp too, say hello to healthy scalp and healthy hair growth.

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What’re your scalp care practices?

Stay safe, camp here for all natural hair tea and share with your mama, friends and family. Let’s embrace our crowns???

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      Hey benjamin, shampoo weekly and check if your shampoo is a clarifying/sulfate shampoo(strips off natural oils drying your hair and scalp) and make sure you moisturize your hair.

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    I don’t have a scalp practice, so I’ll try yours. Your post is so helpful especially since I also have natural hair❤️ Great post!

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