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The ultimate 5 Step Wash day routine for 4c Hair

At some point you have heard the wash day is an extreme sport phrase but is it really?

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Let’s talk about simplified wash day steps, just how your wash day ought to look like. It shouldn’t be an extreme sport though, wash day is as easy or complicated as you wanna make it. So, keep it short, healthy & sweet. Detangling is my least favorite wash day step especially if I’ve been wearing my hair out for a week or two. What’s your least favorite wash day step?

The ultimate 5 Step Wash day routine for 4c HairThe ultimate 5 Step Wash day routine for 4c Hair

Natural hair Wash day steps

Pre-poo/ Pre- Shampoo treatment.

The first wash day step is protecting your hair from the drying effect of shampoo. Is pre-pooing a must? Some naturals do & others don’t, try both and see what works best for your hair. I do have instances that I don’t pre-poo, just jump into detangling. Instances when my hair feels super dirty plus product build-up, I choose to deep cleanse & deep condition to restore moisture.

To pre-poo use penetrating oils, conditioner, DIY pre-poo, apply them on your dry hair to restore moisture & create a protective layer. Haven’t heard of pre-poo before, your girl got you a detailed post here.

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The ultimate 5 Step Wash day routine for 4c HairThe ultimate 5 Step Wash day routine for 4c Hair


I haven’t met a natural that enjoys detangling yet cos boy, it’s a lot of work especially if you have been skipping trims, been wearing your hair out or haven’t been moisturizing properly. Detangling is a NEVER skip wash day step. To properly detangle use a detangler or instant conditioner with a good slip, use your fingers, a wide tooth comb or detangling brush and start from the ends upwards to the roots. More detangling tips here.

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Hair wash day guide
After pre-pooing & detangling


This has to be my favorite wash day step because I love a good scalp massage & feeling my scalp clean and fresh, I can almost feel like my scalp is breathing lol. With cleansing, wet your hair until dripping wet, apply shampoo on your scalp, massage the scalp with your finger balls or a scalp massager to get rid of dirt and build up then rinse off thoroughly with warm water. When it comes to shampoo, you can use sulphate free shampoo, clarifying shampoo, black soap, shampoo bars etc.

The ultimate 5 Step Wash day routine for 4c HairThe ultimate 5 Step Wash day routine for 4c Hair

Deep conditioning.

This too is an essential wash day step, a don’t skip step. We have two types of deep conditioners, a moisturizing deep conditioner (restores moisture) & a protein based deep conditioner (reconstructs & strengthens the hair). A moisturizing deep conditioner is a must use on every wash day while a protein treatment can be done after every 4-6 weeks depending on how much you manipulate your hair and use heat. Moisture- Protein balance is important for growth of healthy & ‘strong hair’.

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Apply your moisturizing deep conditioner from the ends to the roots as your detangle, wear a shower cap, thermal cap/ hooded dryer to absorb the nutrients then rinse off. When using a protein deep conditioner, follow up with a moisturizing deep conditioner or use a 2-in 1 moisture & protein deep conditioner to retain the moisture-protein balance.

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Lastly, moisturize & seal in the moisture, style, braid or twists, air dry or use heat whichever works best for you & keeps your hair healthy. Don’t let your hair air dry without moisturizing, we agreed drying hair never looked good on anyone & is a recipe for disaster. For moisturizing, use LOC/ LCO/ LO/ LC/ LOCO etc whichever moisturizing method that works best for your hair.

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That’s how my wash day looks like with music, house chores, snacks and Youtube videos in between.

Would you say wash day is an extreme sport & why? I would love to know what your wash day looks like.

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