The ultimate guide to daily 4c hair care routine

Ultimate 4C Hair Daily Routine For Hair Growth.

How does your 4c hair daily routine look like? Daily hair care practices can make or break your hair, how you moisturize, style, products you use and how you protect it.

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One of the important things when it comes to hair care is having a consistent and healthy hair care routine. A routine is basically how you care for your hair from cleansing, deep conditioning, moisturizing, styling and trimming.

4c hair daily routine, morning and evening routine

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4C hair daily routine.

How your daily routine looks like depends on factors like if your hair is in a protective style or open, work location, how dry or moisturized your hair feels like. A routine is essential for the health of your hair. If your goal is health, growth and length retention, a routine is a must have.

Products and tools you need.

4C hair daily routine (Evening routine)

In the evenings, moisturize if your hair needs it or you can choose to moisturize in the morning when styling. If you are wearing your hair out,  style it in a pineapple or install chunky braids or twists then wear a satin bonnet or wrap a satin/ silk scarf and sleep on a satin/ silk pillowcase incase the bonnet or scarf slide off. 

If you have a protective style on, moisturize then wear your satin bonnet. I know some bonnets are small in size for styles like spring twists, braids, temporary locs. In this case, get bonnets that are large in size or hold your style in a bun, wrap a satin scarf round your edges and sleep on satin/ silk pillowcase.

Before installing the chunky twists, separate your strands and comb out your hair with your fingers to get rid of shed hair and breakage. If your hair feels dry, use a daily moisturizing cream or hair mist to moisturize before twisting or holding your hair in a high puff. 

Stay away from cotton scarfs because they’ll absorb moisture from your hair unlike silk/ satin bonnet that are gentle on your hair and absorb less moisture leaving your hair moisturized.

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My evening routine looks like holding my hair in a bun or high puff when wearing my hair out and sleeping on a silk pillowcase since I don’t feel comfortable sleeping with my head covered. I prefer moisturizing in thw morning when hair styling.

4C hair daily routine (Morning routine)

Morning routine is as easy as, moisturize if your hair needs it or you’re not comfortable moisturizing in the evening. Take down the twists or high puff first then use a hair mist or a daily moisturizing cream to moisturize then style your hair as desired. If you moisturized in the evening, all you have to do is style and step out like the queen you are.

I do moisturize in the morning if my hair needs it then style my hair. When wearing my hair out, I do moisturize twice or thrice and when it’s in a protective style like twists, I moisturize weekly. With moisturizing, you ought to listen and pay attention to your hair, know your porosity type which helps with choosing the right moisturizing products.

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