High puffs for night outs

Why Natural Hair High Puff Styles are great for Night Outs

High puff is my ideal night out style since I rarely wear extensions/addition braids on my hair, buns are great too but this girl never wore a bun but will try it out one of these fine days.

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Natural Hair high puffs are perfect for night-outs

Soon we will step out and attend concerts, products launch, night outs with friends, birthday parties, go clubbing and so on but until then lemme share my love for high puffs when it comes to nights out.

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Let’s get down to high puff shall we?

Why high puffs are great for night outs

High puff as protective style.

Puffs are protective style since your ends are protected from rubbing/ friction with your clothes and the fact that you can wear the puff for days with less manipulation makes them protective. On the flip side puffs can be damaging to your edges if not held well they also cause tension & strain weakening your strands.

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Natural hair puffs style

Why I love puffs for nights out.

  • They are easy to fix
  • I can hug people without worrying about my ends getting snagged by their zippers/neck pieces or having pieces of their fabric on my hair.
  • I can dance freely without having to pin my hair for it to stay off my face.
  • Won’t have ‘can I touch your hair’ scenarios.
  • You can play around with puffs like have flat twists on the side/back of your hair, accessorize with head wrap

The above apply for buns as well. On the downside though, puffs held too tightly will give you a crazy headache and puffs are prone to tangles. Don’t wear for too long and always sleep in satin/silk bonnet/scarf/pillowcase

What’s your favorite night out party natural hair style?

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  1. Wendy

    My puffs only look nice when held snuggly so I don’t do them often. My go to style is usually an afro but I’m usually in protective styles most of the time.

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