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Wanna Embrace your Natural Hair? 5 Things you need to know.

Wanna embrace your natural hair, haven’t embraced your natural hair yet? Procrastinating about it? Figuring out how to go about it? Well, this is your sign to embrace your kinks, curls but before that how about you check out my natural hair journey.

Heeyyah mane embracers, how’re y’all holding up? Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my natural hair blog.

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Embracing your natural hair is a journey of learning and unlearning what you know, tears & frustrations from failed styles, aching arms from plaiting & spending cash on products but it’s totally worth it all, trust me.

Things you should know on embrace your natural hair

Our natural hair is so gorgeous in whichever state, texture, porosity type and so on. All you need is patience, love it as it is, figure out what works best for your hair and do lots of research.

Your hair is a crown that you’ll never take off unless you shave it all or have a condition/disease which is costing your hair which is so sad and wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

So how about you embrace, fix and work on your crown. Embracing your natural hair doesn’t have to be a hustle, do your research, work with what you have and love love & love your gorgeous mane.

Not sure whether to embrace your natural hair?

  • Natural hair is part of your identity. Your kinks, curls shout out your roots and what a better way to show, tell and embrace your roots than loving your gorgeous hair?
  • Natural hair is a confidence booster, at least for me it is. Since I began embracing my mane, growing, styling, stepping out and getting those compliment and ‘is that really your hair?’ Surprised faces, man have never felt this confident.
  • Natural hair will unleash your creative and fix it side. Ever woke up to a slightly damp twists or braids and the twist outs/ braid outs get frizzy and you day is almost getting ruined but you got to get creative, style it up and step out like the queen you are? That’s a naturals life, natural hair raises optimists and opportunists.
  • What’s way cooler than learning about your hair, how to style it, nurture and grow it longer and thicker as well as inspiring other ladies to embrace their natural hair?
  • Did I say you’ll learn some patience? Oh yes, you will and if you dread salon dates, embracing your hair and learning DIY styles is your to go to thing and you’ll do away with heat damage.

Why did start embracing your natural hair or why haven’t?

See you on the next post on transitioning struggles and mistakes to avoid.

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Valerie Kinoti

Valerie Kinoti has loved all things hair since she was 8 and always dreamt of having long hair. Decades later she is living the long hair dream and sharing all tips, tricks she has learned over the years.

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