Moisturizing using the baggy method
Baggy moisturizing method

Baggy moisturizing method on 4C Natural Hair

Baggy method involves moisturizing your hair and covering it with a shower cap or plastic bag.

Hello mane embracers, I hope your crowns are flourishing and your skin glowing. Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my natural hair blog.

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It’s the end of the year guys, how’s your December unfolding? Smashed any of your hair goals if you set any? Well, I don’t set any hair goals cause when it comes to hair, goals be so unrealistic.

So, am back with the last post on moisturizing; moisturizing using the baggy method. I hadn’t tried this method before but I did try last week and am so doing this baggy thing once in a while.

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Baggy moisturizing method on 4C Natural Hair

Everything baggy Moisturizing Method

Baggy method involves moisturizing your hair and covering it with a shower cap or plastic bag. You can do it on your entire head where your moisturize all of your mane or you can just moisturized the ends of your hair(for dry brittle ends). If you are dealing with dry hair, you ought to try this out it might be the miracle you’ve been waiting for.

Benefits of using baggy method

⦁ Locks in moisture
⦁ Softens hair strands
⦁ Gives shine to your hair
⦁ Helps with dry ends
⦁ Minimize breakage & retain lengt

What you need

⦁ Shower/plastic cap
⦁ Leave-in/moisturizer of choice- I used mikalla moisture boost
⦁ Oil of choice
Hair bands

Baggy moisturizing method on 4C Natural Hair
Day3: Braidout

How to do baggy Moisturizing Method

⦁ Apply leave in/ moisturizer to your entire length or just the ends and seal with oil of choice
⦁ Wear a plastic cap and let it sit on your hair minutes, a couple of hours (try for some minutes, hours or overnight to figure out the timeline that works best for your hair)

Baggy moisturizing method on 4C Natural Hair
The twists

⦁ If your intention is to moisturize only your ends, hold your hair in a loose pony tail, apply the moisturizer then wrap the ends and hold the plastic bag with hair bands or wear a shower cap.
⦁ If it works for your hair where it moisturizes your hair without causing itchy scalp or soaking wet hair, you can add it to your hair routine but don’t over do it, too much of everything is dangerous. Allow your hair to breath.

My baggy method review.

I moisturized my two and half old braids(with no extension) using mikalla moisture boost and sealed with ideal castor and olive oils. Wore my plastic cap and let it sit overnight (7hours).

The results were unbelievable, my hair felt super soft, the braids were bouncy and shiny, I loved the results and I feel like I’ll be doing baggy method weekly since I moisturize my hair weekly when in a protective style.

I would love for you to try and let me know how it goes and if you have tried the baggy method, did it work for you?

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  1. Ciru

    Girl, I just love your passion for natural type 4 hair! That’s my type too. Mine is in locs and I only wish I had loc’d it sooner.

    1. knowgoodwriter

      So timely. I’m in the U.S. on the east coast and my sister was just telling me that as we head into winter I really need to start moisturizing more.

      1. NaturallyVal

        Hello knowgoodwriter😚 I hope baggy method ups your moisturizing game… Thank you for reading 💜💜💜 and share

  2. Nia

    I love the baggy method! I usually come back to it whenever my hair needs a bit of a boost; as it can get quite dry.

    1. NaturallyVal

      Am happy it works for you.
      Thank you for reading and sharing 💜💜💜

  3. Passie

    I did baggy moisturizing yesterday and my hair loved it. It’s so moisturized and very soft. Had some dry ends but today it’s very soft. Definitely I will be doing this again and again. Thanks for enlightenment gal

  4. Kaysha

    Should this be done on dry or damp hair

    1. NapturallyVal

      Hello Kaysha,should be done on dry hair. Lemme know how it goes after you try it

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