You are currently viewing Braid outs Vs Twist outs on 4C Natural Hair.

Braid outs Vs Twist outs on 4C Natural Hair.

Having tried both braid outs and twist outs on my 4c natural hair, I feel like both are favorites and perfect for me for different reasons. There’s the good and not so good about each of them, I’ll share all you need to know about installation and getting defined curls from each.

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Braid outs and twist outs are styles you get from taking down braids and twists respectively. When braids are out, we call them braid outs and twist, twist outs. To nail each of them, you’ll need to install them properly , use curl defining products to get juicy, bouncy and defined curls on your braid and twist outs.

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Braid out vs twist out on 4c natural hair

Braid outs Vs Twist outs; Which is better.

All things Braid Outs on Natural Hair

I love braid outs only when i don’t have to install more than 8 braids, 4 on each side. I could be wrong but I believe braiding is not for the faint hearted especially installing mini braids. I respect y’all who install mini braids whether it’s on long or short hair, I would rather install mini twists. One thing I love about braid outs is the tight curl definition where I don’t have to worry when separating the strands.

How to nail juicy braid outs everytime .

  • When installing styles, always start with freshly cleaned and deep conditioned hair unless you decide to install braids in between your wash days.
  • Start by sectioning your hair, the number of sections depends on how thick your hair is. The more the hair volume, the more the sections.
  • Start by moisturizing the section, spray water, apply your go to moisturizing products. If your moisturizer, defines your curls,you don’t need a curl cream. Apply a moisture sealants if you need to. Personally, I don’t use any moisture sealants, my leave-in conditioner works for me.
  • After moisturizing, part the section into three parts and start braiding. Don’t hold your hair too tight when braiding. I prefer braiding damp or wet hair when I want more definition and braid dry hair when the goal is loose curls and more length. So, before braiding have a goal you wanna accomplish.
  • Repeat for all sections and let your hair air dry if you’ve got the time or use a hair dryer. Don’t uninstall braids when your hair is damp that’s how you loose the curls and end up with a shrunken Afro.
  • Once the you’ve your braid outs, you can choose how you wanna style your hair and if you’re like yours truly, just separate the curls and walk around with your curly and full hair. Just show it off.
Braid outs on natural hair

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All things Twist Outs on Natural Hair.

If you’ve been here for a minute, you already know I love twists and I wear them most of the time. I prefer medium sized twists or mini twists. I love twist outs a lot because I find twisting easier compared to braids. If I were to choose, I would go with twist outs, twisting is easier for me and twist outs looks cuter compared to braid outs.

How to nail twist outs everytime.

  • Always start with freshly cleaned and conditioned hair when installing twists especially if you’re to wear the twists for weeks or so.
  • When twisting, you can choose to twist on dry or wet hair depending on the end goal. Looking for defined twist outs, twist on wet hair and for looser curls and more length, twisting on dry hair is the way to go.
  • When twisting on wet hair, apply hydrating leave-in conditioner on wet hair and lock in the moisture with moisture sealants. For more definition, apply a curl defining cream then twist.

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  • Twisting on dry hair means on already moisturized hair. Start by moisturizing your hair, braid or wear chunky twists and let it air dry or use a hair dryer to dry the hair. Once your hair is dry, section it and twist a section at a time. Looking for definition, apply a curl cream on the section then twist.

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  • Repeat for each section. Also, I should mention that for defined twist outs and more volume, go for mini twists. Let your twists air dry or use a dryer before unravelling. Once you have your twist outs, style. There are twist outs inspo hairstyles on Pinterest that you can recreate.
Twist outs on natural hair

There you have it curlfriends, I would love to know between braid outs and twist outs, which is your favorite and why.

Best products for braid outs and twist outs.

Moisturizing leave-in conditioners

Best curl defining creams

Moisture sealants (butters and oils)

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