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6 Do’s and Don’ts for Healthy Scalp.

Healthy scalp means healthy hair and growth (I know you liked the growth part lol.) Moving on, we forget that the scalp is part of our skin and needs the tender, love and care we give to the rest of our body. On the post, we talk all things healthy scalp, the dos, donts and best products for your scalp.

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Caring for your scalp ought to be part of your hair care routine. When cleansing, choosing and applying products, have your scalp in mind. Scalp with product and dirt build-up may inhibit growth and sebum production. Keeping your scalp clean, free from dirt, sweat and product build-up is where it all starts.

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Do's and Don't's for Healthy scalp

Do’s and Don’ts for Healthy Scalp.

Scalp Care Do’s for healthy scalp

Cleanse that Scalp Sis.

To start off is keeping your scalp free of dirt and product build up. When cleansing your hair on wash days, don’t forget to cleanse your scalp too. Apply some of that shampoo on your scalp and massage with a scalp massager or your fingers to break down the dirt and product build-up. Your pores need to breath too. Don’t forget to thoroughly rinse off the shampoo after the massage.

A clean scalp means effortlessly growth. I know of people who think dirty hair grows fast but sis, that’s a myth. Your scalp is an extension of your skin, so I needs the tender, love and care too.

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Scalp Massages.

Other than breaking down build-up, scalp massages do help with stimulating growth. If you oil your scalp, go for growth stimulating oils. Apply on your scalp, then massage with the pads of your fingers. You can do scalp massages whenever you apply oils. I Should mention that scalp oiling isn’t for everyone. If you’ve an oily scalp, oiling will clog your pores causing scalp irritation and itchy scalp.

Growth stimulating oils to try;

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Moisturize your scalp

When moisturizing your hair, give your scalp some of that goodness. Don’t apply too much products on your scalp though, that’s how you experience build-up and itchy scalp. Personally I spray water on my scalp, apply moisturizing products on my hair and a little on the scalp before massaging the scalp.

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More scalp care Do’s

  • Drink your water, stay hydrated
  • Have your balanced diet
  • Being gentle when handling your hair

Don’ts for healthy scalp

Tight Hairstyles

If you love your edges like most of us, stay away from tight hairstyles. Whether it’s buns, puffs, braids or any other style, don’t hold them too tight. If you feel tension on your scalp or a style gives you a headache, that style is too tight. Be gentle when styling your hair and installing protective styles.

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How to keep your scalp healthy


As much as cleansing is important, too much of it leads to dry scalp. Cleanse your hair and scalp at least weekly, if you’ve got the time. Personally, I cleanse monthly but when I started my hair care journey, I used to cleanse every two weeks. Also, always using clarifying shampoos or sulphate shampoos on hair without build-up or high porosity hair, isn’t good for your scalp, go for gentle cleansers and moisturizing shampoos.

Scratching the scalp.

I know that soothing and sweet feeling you get when scratching your scalp but scratching scalp isn’t healthy. Scratching may damage the scalp causing blisters and infections. Having an itchy scalp or scalp irritation? Find the root of the problem and fix it.

More scalp care don’ts

  • Using excessive heat and products with harsh ingredients may cause heat damage.
  • Attaching huge extension on a small hair section.
  • Using steaming hot water to cleanse and rinse your hair

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