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5 Months Length Retention Challenge Update.

Who knew documenting a journey can be this difficult? I had made a promise to myself to do better with documenting but well, I tried & here is how my two strand twists length retention challenge has been so far. I started the challenge in February, catch up on a post about the my hair care routine during the challenge here.

Have I noticed any difference with my hair? Oh yeah! For the very first time I held my hair in a bun not once but twice and have noticed more length plus my edges are flourishing & growing.

February Twists & Twist outs.

length retention challenge with two strand twists
The bomb twist out
This has to be one of my favorite pictures
Styled my twist outs; flat twist on the left side
One more style for your twist out
Twist out Afro… My twist out Afro gets better, keep scrolling.

March Twists & Twist outs

Here comes the bun, how gorgeous is it?

Took A Break

Braids for a break
Braid out
Side flat twists and accessorized two strand twists
Chunky Twists
Twist out

April Twists & Twist outs.

How long does it take you to twist your hair?
The final look
Juicy, gorgeous, lush & voluminous twist out

May Twists & Twist Outs.

Flat twisted two strands twists
The actual two strand twists
Side twist out ‘puff’
Twist out Afro, told you it gets better

June Twists & Twist Outs

Loving the length & twists too
Twist out puff…. I’m loving the twist out puffs too
Twist out Afro
Loose puff

End June to Early July.

The shrinkage… The longer I keep my twists, the more the shrinkage… I stretch my twists with bands.
Twist out puff
Twist out Afro

That’s how my challenge looks like so far & man, have never been this consistent with hair care practices. Still on the length retention challenge with two strands twists. Have you been on any hair care challenge?

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