Must have Products and Tools during hair transitioning

8 Best Hair Transitioning Products for Healthy, Long Hair

Planning to transition to natural hair or already deep into transitioning and not sure which Products and tools you need? Well, I got you, today’s post is about transitioning products and tools you need.

First, congratulations for making the big decision to embrace your natural texture and welcome to the natural hair family. I can’t wait to see your hair grow and flourish. If you need more natural hair care tips, scroll through the previous posts for that.

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Transitioning needs patience if you choose to transition without the big chop. You can choose to chop off the relaxed hair and start over or keep the relaxed hair and trim it off as you grow out your natural texture. Whichever method you choose, practice patience because good things take time.

Transitioning Products 
Best products for transitioning to Natural Hair

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Let’s talk essential products and tools you need in your transitioning journey. Do you need the products you’ve been using? Well, that depends on the products you’ve been using. If I were you I would review the products and make necessary changes.

Transitioning Products


You already know you need a shampoo to cleanse on every wash day. Shampoo is for cleansing your hair and scalp, getting rid of dirt and product build-up. You can choose to use gentle cleansers or clarifying shampoo depending on how much product you use and build-up you experience.

Deep Conditioner.

If you haven’t been using a deep conditioner, you’ll definitely need one to strengthen your hair, repair damage, restore moisture and soften your hair. You must have a protein treatment and a moisturizing deep conditioner, a protein treatment will help with damage repairing and strengthening the hair to minimize damage while moisturizing deep conditioner will restore moisture and nourish the hair.

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Leave-in conditioner

Keeping your hair moisturized should be a priority and that’s where leave-in conditioners come in. They help in detangling, adds moisture and tames frizz. Moisturized hair is easy to maintain, doesn’t break easily, looks cute and shiny.

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Hair Butter.

Butters are great sealants and by sealants I mean products that lock in the moisture after moisturizing. You can either use a butter or an oil to keep the moisture locked in. There are a variety of butters out here that not only lock in the moisture but also strengthens the hair, adds Shine to your hair and stimulate growth.

Hair Oils.

Oils are great sealants, preshampoo Treatment, growth stimulators and for hot oil treatment. After moisturizing you apply the oil to lock in the moisture. For preshampoo Treatment, you apply the oil before cleansing to minimize the stripping effect of shampoos. They also help regrow edges and stimulate growth by massaging your scalp with a growth stimulating oil.

Best hair oils.

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Other products you may need as you go include; curl creams, styling gels, edge control, mousse, heat protectants, curl refrrshers.

Transitioning Tools

Wide tooth comb

Wide tooth comb makes combing and Detangling easier and less painful. If you have been using fine tooth comb or rat tail comb to comb your hair, about time you dropped it.

Micro-fiber towel

Use this to dry your hair, it absorbs the water from your hair and is gentle on your hair.

Hair clips and scrunchies

To hold your hair when Sectioning and for styling purposes. Satin scrunchies are more gentle on your hair.

Othet tools you need; satin bonnets/ pillowcase/ scarf, hooded dryer, steamer, tweezers,.

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There you have it, I hope you found this post helpful.

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