Want to start caring for your gorgeous natural hair, transitioning from relaxed hair or heat damage or struggling to figure out what your hair needs? Well sis, you don’t have to stress about it anymore because I’m here to help you with all things natural hair.

I have gained a lot of knowledge on natural hair over the years from trial and error, research and a lot of reading. My natural hair care journey was triggered by the need to take better care of my hair and do away with heat and I would love to share the knowledge with Y’all. You can read more about my natural hair journey on this post.

My focus is mostly type 4 hair. I know to some of us caring for this hair type can be a little overwhelming but it isn’t impossible. I’m passionate about healthy hair care practices and Products. My goal is to help you create routines and practices that will help you smash your hair goals and give a long term hair solutions.

For readers, I have hair care guides for beginners, hair growth and Length retention, hair routine guides on payhip. Purchase your guide or journal here.

What Am I Offering

I’m offering one on one hair consultation with the aim of helping you develop a long term solution and routines that work for your hair and lifestyle.

First part of Natural Hair Consultation

On the first part of the consultation, we will:

  • Review your current hair care routines
  • Review your current hair health
  • List your current hair struggles
  • Review the products you’ve been using
  • List your hair goals, what you intend to achieve

Second part of Natural Hair Consultation

Here we will come up with solutions tailored for your hair and lifestyle. The solutions will include:

  • Wash day regimen
  • Daily, weekly & monthly routines
  • Moisturizing guide & Moisture retention
  • Hair growth and Length retention
  • Products recommendations
  • Protective hair styles

Natural Hair Consultation Cost $15

Email us to get started napturallyval@gmail.com

There is also a Q&A consultation package for y’all who want a certain hair care issue addressed or need guidance on anything hair care. Charges are $5 for a 30 Minutes session.