Rovie care soft and seal chebe butter

Rovie Care Chebe Butter Review on 4c Natural Hair.

Rovie care Soft and seal chebe butter is my current favorite butter; sweet scent, locks in moisture, not oily, leaves my hair soft and has chebe( we all know where chad women’s long and thick hair comes from)

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4c hair butter

Introducing the new butter in the market, soft and seal chebe hair butter. Just like the name soft and seal, the butter hydrates, keeps the moisture locked in and your hair softer than before, what more would you ask for in a sealant?

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I’ve been using the butter since July this year, I’m loving it and this is my go to butter for life, the sweet delicious scent, the moisture locking, soft hair, not oily and chebe benefits makes it the it butter. I would definitely recommend.

The butter comes in a 100g jar going for Ksh 1200. They have a sale going on now, you get Ksh 200 off and they do deliver countrywide for only Ksh 119 bob. You can order via Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram.

Rovie care soft and seal chebe butter ingredients

Soft and seal chebe butter ingredients;

  • Vitamin E oil– stimulates growth, improves hydration and shine, conditions, hydrates and nourishes the scalp, strengthens the hair..
  • Sweet orange oil– encourages growth, reduces hair loss, moisturizes dry strands, eliminates dandruff and itchy scalp.
  • Shea butter– adds shine, combats frizz, moisturizes, softens and protects the hair.
  • Cocoa butter– helps repair damage, strengthens hair monimizing breakage, adds hair volume, hydrates and softens hair.
  • Chebe– Moisturizes and softens the hair, heps retain length, Strengthens the hair minimizing breakage, helps grow longer and thicker hair
  • Karkar oil – heals itchy scalp and dandruff & other bacterial infections, slow down premature greying, moisturizes the hair and easily penetrates the hair shaft, seals in the moisture, strengthens the hair preventing split ends and breakage
  • Mango butter- promotes growth and length retention, strengthens hair refucing breakage, moisturizes and softens the hair
Natural hair puffs style moisturized with rovie care hair butter
Puff and bangs moisturized with water+leave-in and sealed with Rovie chebe butter.

What makes it soft and seal chebe butter good?

  • Keep moisture locked in for longer
  • Helps retain length from your growth
  • Has a sweet and delicious scent, so heavenly
  • Softens the hair
  • It isn’t oily, doesn’t leave your hair oily
  • Strengthens the hair thus less breakage
  • Restores natural shine

Rovie care soft and seal chebe butter Review.

First, I have never used a chebe powder or any product with chebe prior to this so it felt like a new adventure. Chebe has been used over the years Chadian women who are known to have very long and thick hair.

Benefits of chebe.

The butter is gritty because of chebe ofcourse and thus should only be applied to your hair only. Don’t apply the butter on your scalp. What I love the most about the butter is how it keeps moisture locked in for days to a week. When my hair is in twists I only moisturize and seal once a week and when wearing my hair out I moisturize twice to thrice a week.

Other than keeping the moisture locked in, I have noticed my hair feels softer and has its natural shine. Did I say the scent is heavenly? I’m in love. I would recommend you get yours ASAP because you not only get a hair butter but also a hair care routine tailored just for you and hair consultation.

How do I use the butter? As a sealant to lock in the moisture after applying a leave in conditioner. I start with spraying water on my hair until damp, once damp I apply a leave in conditioner then finish up with chebe butter. When re-moisturizing I mix a little leave-in conditioner with water in my spray bottle then spritz on my hair until damp and lastly apply the butter to lock in the moisture.

Incase you’re not in Kenya, check out these chebe butters.

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