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15 Natural Hair Care Mistakes To Avoid

Hair Care mistakes are inevitable and part of the process , I mean, we learn best from the mistakes, failed styles and product trials.

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We all want long, lush and healthy hair but getting to the flipping and rocking the crown is a whole frustrating and adventurous episode or episodes. Embrace the process, have fun and learn what works and doesn’t work for your hair.

I know I said mistakes are inevitable but there are mistakes you can avoid or stop, it’s never too late to stop right? Well, I got you on a few mistakes that might be costing you a healthy, lush, long and voluminous hair, let’s get down on it, shall we? For transitioning mistakes to avoid, tips and rules, read on here.

Natural hair mistakes to avoid

Hair Care mistakes to Avoid


If you haven’t got the basics on pre poo, got a post just for you here. Experiencing dry hair? Do you pre poo? You haven’t been pre pooing? Well, you should consider a pre-shampoo treatment this will help in reducing the stripping effects of the shampoo and will keep your hair moisturized and reduce breakage during wash day.

When pre pooing first spritz your hair with water or water and leave-in conditioner before applying your pre poo treatment. Apply the treatment from the ends to the roots since the ends are the driest and weakest part of the strand.
When using a clarifying shampoo or a sulfate shampoo always pre poo to avoid excessive stripping of natural oils and dry hair.

Give your scalp a relaxing and growth stimulating massage as you prepoo.

Pre- shampoo treatments to use;


The mother of all natural hair struggles but it doesn’t have to be much of a struggle, all you need is an instant detangler/ conditioner with a good slip and Detangling tips.
Skipping detangling and detangling dry hair is a recipe for total disaster and excessive breakage. Detangling from the roots is one mistake you ought to avoid as well as snapping off the tangles and knots. Detangle from the ends and separate a strand at a time from the knots and tangles.

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Sectioning and products

Working with a whole chunk of hair can be hectic and the cause of tangles and knots. Always work with sectioned hair when washing, detangling, applying products and styling.
There are no guaranteed holy grail products just because a product works for almost everyone doesn’t mean it’ll work for you.
If a product dries out your hair, weakens it, causes itchy scalp and flakes or thins it, it has to go. Get products that work perfectly with your hair.

Natural hair mistakes

Shampooing and conditioning

If you experience super dry hair, avoid sulfate shampoo and if you have to use a clarifying shampoo, prepoo before shampooing and deep condition immediately after cleansing.

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Don’t scratch your scalp to get rid of the build up, use your finger balls to get rid of the build up and give your scalp a massage. Cleanse both the scalp and the strands.
When applying the conditioner start off with the ends all the way up to the roots since the ends are the oldest, weakest and driest part of the hair.

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Moisturizing and sealing.

To start off, oils/butters are sealants not moisturizers. Moisturize with water, add moisture with a leave-in, hydrating milk and seal with an oil or butter.
Skipping moisturizing because your hair is on a protective style is a terrible idea and a recipe for dry hair and breakage. Moisturize your hair even when in a protective style and seal in the moisture.

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How to keep Type 4 Natural Hair Moisturized for Longer
Moisturize your hair depending on weather, occupation and your hair porosity.

Hair care mistakes


Well, not all protective styles are protective and for protective styling tips and mistakes to avoid, read on here.
Avoid holding your puffs too tight and regularly laying your edges for healthy and full edges. For clip in extensions avoid clipping in on a small patch of the hair.
Using the right products for your hair type will get you healthy and long hair.

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Combing and brushing.

Excessive brushing and combing might thin out your hair decreasing your volume. If possible avoid brushing and combing your hair, use your fingers instead for more volume.

Skipping trims

Trimming is underrated and it’s one of the most important ingredients for healthy hair. Trims get rid of the split and damaged ends of the hair. Split ends are a major cause of frizz, tangles, knots rugged and untidy styles.
Trimming should be done at least twice a year and here are the signs that you badly need a trim. If you’re into retaining as much length as possible, dusting is all you need to do to those split ends.

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Other mistakes to avoid;

  • Not protecting your hair when sleeping
  • Using rat tail comb instead of wide tooth comb to comb your hair
  • Comparing your hair with everyone else’s
  • Not moisturizing your edges
  • Over manipulating & over styling
  • Not paying attention to your hair’s need
  • Not having/ being consistent with your hair care routine.

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