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How to Naturally Grow 4C Natural Hair at Home.

Figuring out how to grow 4c natural hair at home, what it likes, doesn’t like & which products to use and when can be daunting at first but it gets better as you go. Taking care of your hair is as easy as figuring out your hair’s porosity, what your hair likes, having a consistent and healthy routine and adopting healthy hair care practices 

Covid and lockdown got us tryna figure out how to do a couple of things by ourselves, how to care for natural hair included. I know some of us learnt how to braid, twist and which products to use and when during lockdown.

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How to grow 4c natural hair at home fast, 
How to care for 4c natural hair at home

Did lockdown have you tryna figure out how to care for your hair? No? Well, you’re among the lucky ones. Personally, I’m among the lucky ones since have been caring and doing my hair since 2016/2017 and so far so good, I love it here.

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Tips on how to grow 4C Natural Hair Long at home.

You should focus on the following;

Products and tools you’ll need

Now that you have that in mind,  let’s get down to the hair care tips or rather tips on how to care for your hair at home

Create a Consistent Hair care routine.

This ought to be at the top of your to- do list. Just like you need a skin care and workout routine to nail your skin and body goals, you need a hair care routine to smash those hair goals. You plan how often you’ll need to wash your hair, wear protective styles, moisturize, trim etc.

Routine includes;

Don’t know where to start with hair care routine, here is a healthy & simple hair care routine you can start off with, switch it up to meet your hair needs and lifestyle.

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Know your Hair’s porosity type & how to care for it.

This is important when it comes to moisturizing and selecting products that will work for your porosity type. If you’re having a hard time moisturizing and keeping your hair moisturized, you haven’t figured out your porosity, how to care for it or using the products that don’t work for your porosity type. Read all about porosity type here.

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Be gentle when handling your hair.

Don’t snap off the knots, tangles, pull your hair, use a fine toothed comb or hold your hair too tight unless you wanna break or lose your hair and hairline too. When combing or detangling use a wide tooth comb and moisturize your hair before combing. Never brush, comb or style dry hair.

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Wear low manipulation and Protectives styles.

Your hair and scalp needs a break from daily brushing, combing and styling. Wearing low manipulation and protective styles that don’t need daily manipulation will help in retaining length from your growth and minimizing breakage. Some of the styles you can DIY like two strand twists, flat twists, buns, Tuck and pin, braids etc.

Protect your hair when sleeping.

Wear a satin bonnet/ scarf or sleep on satin/ silk pillowcases because they are gentle on your hair unlike cotton ones that absorb moisture from the hair leaving your hair dry and we all know dry hair is prone to tangles and breakage.

How to Naturally Grow 4C Natural Hair at Home.

Work in sections.

I find it easier handling a section at a time when moisturizing, detangling, cleansing, installing mini twists etc. A section at a time is less hectic than dealing with a whole chunk of hair, it minimizes tangling too.

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Dust/ Trim as Needed.

Don’t hold on to damaged and split ends just to keep the length because with time you will lose more length. Choose health over length and save time detangling and styling your hair. We all know how hair with damaged and split ends keep tangling and the styles never turn out right. Dust and trim as needed.

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Trimming at home without heat.

Stretching your hair.

Our hair tends to shrink meaning more tangles and knots. Stretching minimizes the tangling up and also gives you some length, show off the length sis. Consider stretching before installing protective styles and so you know you don’t need to use heat to stretch. You can stretch using heatless methods like; African threading, flat twists, braids, banding.

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Which tip did I forget? Those of us who care for our hair at home, which tips work best for you?

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