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My 9 Natural Hair Care Game Changer Tips.

On this post I share my top 9 hair care game changer tips that have helped me smooth sail through my natural hair journey. Getting to this place where my hair works out, experience minimal breakage, noticing increase in length and volume has taken lots of trial and error.

When starting your natural hair journey, be ready for lots of trial and error from styling, products that work for you, best tips that work for your hair and so on. You’ll not nail this hair care thing at first trial, you just learn in the job as you go.

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Natural hair care game changer haclks for Type 4 Hair

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Natural Hair Care Game Changer Tips

Hair Sectioning/ Working in Sections.

This was an ultimate game changer for me especially when detangling and applying hair products. Detangling a small section at a time is easier and you use less hair products. The number of sections depends on the volume of your hair; the more the hair, the more the sections. Use a detangling product with good slip to get rid of those tangles.

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Applying products in small sections was a game changer mostly when moisturizing. To properly moisturize and coat every strand with products, start by sectioning the hair then apply the products on each section at a time. 

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Natural hair care game changer tips.

Warming Deep Conditioners.

Warming up the deep conditioner has been a game changer for me. Read about it on some blog, thought of trying the method and have not looked back since. What I do is, add some deep conditioner in a smaller container then warm it up by placing it on a bowl with hot water. This makes it easier for the conditioner to penetrate your strands and hair shaft.

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Moisturizing Immediately After Cleansing.

I used to let my hair air dry before Moisturizing, then moisturize once it’s all dry until I learned that moisturizing immediately after rinsing off the deep conditioner when the hair is still wet helps with moisture retention and defines the curls. If you let your hair dry without moisturizing first, this is your sign to stop and adopt this moisturizing hack. Try it out and thank me later.

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Finger Detangling.

Starting off detangling by using my fingers first has been quite a game changer. On instances where have been wearing my hair out and it’s a tangled mess, I start by separating the tangles with my fingers then follow up with a wide tooth comb.

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Hair Stretching & Doing away with puffs.

Stretched hair tangles less compared to shrunken hair. I prefer stretching my hair after washing it, install twists on stretched and wear my afro in a stretched state. I lately wear puffs less often than I used to because of the tangled mess. Did I mention I hate detangling, yeah I do.

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Not Using Butters and Oils.

Haven’t been using butters or oils as sealants on my hair for a long minute. There was a trend sometimes back on not using oils, butters and stuff like that. Well, I got into the trend a little late but am still here. Noticed that re-moisturizing was easier when I didn’t use oils or butters to seal in. I used to find re- moisturizing  a little hard when I used oils as sealants, it’s like it formed a layer that would repel moisture(water)

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What’s your hair care game changer tips?

Valerie Kinoti

Valerie Kinoti has loved all things hair since she was 8 and always dreamt of having long hair. Decades later she is living the long hair dream and sharing all tips, tricks she has learned over the years.