Hair Moisturizing Deep Conditioners for all hair types

How to Use Moisturizing Deep Conditioners on Natural Hair.

Moisturizing deep conditioners are as important as other hair care products that your hair benefits from. Deep conditioning is a wash day step where you apply a moisturizing deep conditioner or protein treatments or both depending on your hair needs. Today we focus on moisturizing deep conditioners.

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Natural hair especially 4C hair tend to dry fast or prone to dryness which is one of the causes of breakage. Other than using a leave-in conditioner to moisturize your hair between wash days, you can intensely moisturize on wash day by using a moisturizing deep conditioner.

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Moisturizing deep conditioners for dry hair and how to use to them

How to Use Hair Moisturizing Deep Conditioners

What is a moisturizing deep conditioner?

A moisturizing deep conditioner is an intensive moisturizing and thicker conditioner compared to the leave-in conditioners that we use in between wash days. The deep conditioner restores the moisture, conditions the hair and softens it after shampooing or rather cleansing. Some shampoos deep cleanses your hair leaving it feeling dry and fragile, that’s where the moisturizing deep conditioner comes in, to restore moisture and condition.

What should you look for when buying a moisturizing deep conditioner?

Should you apply moisturizing deep conditioner on wet or dry hair?

Well, have seen some naturals do the reverse washing, where they start with applying the moisturizing deep conditioner on dry hair, use heat to infuse the good nutrients then cleanse their hair, moisturize, seal in the moisture and lastly style. And they say that works for them, I haven’t tried this method yet because deep moisturizing after cleansing makes sense to me.

Instead of using a deep conditioner before cleansing, I would go for a pre-shampoo treatment like African Pride Moisture Miracle Aloe & Coconut Water Pre-Shampoo or Dr. Miracle’s Strong & Healthy Detangling Pre-Shampoo Treatment to add the moisture and extra layer before shampooing. After Pre-poo, I would cleanse the hair, deep condition with my go to moisturizing deep conditioner, then moisturize. If you’ve tried the deep conditioning before cleansing, lets us know how that works for you. Also, you can try this method and lets us know how that goes.

I prefer applying the moisturizing deep conditioner on wet hair, immediately after cleansing. I don’t dry my hair then apply it. Applying moisturizing products on wet hair is the way to go, water is part of moisture and applying moisturizing products, adds more moisture. If some parts of your hair starts drying out before application, use a spray bottle to dampen or wet the hair.

How to use  moisturizing deep conditioners on dry hair

How long should you keep moisturizing deep conditioner in your hair?

I know people who swear by leaving moisturizing deep conditioner in their hair overnight. Well, I used to be that girl but now I know better and learned that hygral fatigue is an actual thing and problem. Hygral fatigue literally means over-conditioning/ moisturizing your hair, read more about it on this post. Looking back, I don’t think there was much of a difference on my hair, other than waking up with wet hair.

When it comes to deep conditioning, keep the products for a few minutes to an hour. Follow the instructions on the product label. Also, you don’t need to keep the product for longer periods when you can just use heat and get done in just 15 minutes. There are different heat sources you can use, from wrapping a warm towel to using thermal caps, steamers , hooded dryer, these will help infuse the deep conditioning products faster and more effectively. Once infused, thoroughly rinse off the deep conditioner, don’t leave product on your hair, that’s how you end with an itchy scalp and product build-up.

Heat tools to use when deep conditioning;

How often should you use a moisturizing deep conditioner?

Moisturizing deep conditioners should be used as often as you cleanse your hair. Unlike protein treatments that ought to be used on a need be basis, moisturizing deep conditioners ought to be part of your wash day regimen. At the start of my natural hair journey, I used moisturizing deep conditioner twice a month because I did cleanse my hair twice a month. Now I cleanse monthly meaning, I use a moisturizing deep conditioner once a month.

Moisturizing deep conditioners for 4C natural hair

What to do after rinsing off the moisturizing deep conditioner?

Always moisturize your hair immediately after rinsing off the deep conditioner. Don’t let your hair dry before moisturizing. Moisturizing immediately after helps retain moisture for longer periods. Also, apply your go to moisturizing product/ leave-in conditioner on wet hair. When moisturizing, start by applying a leave-in conditioner to add more moisture then follow up with a moisture sealant (butter or oil), you can also use a curl cream if looking for definition.

When choosing a leave-in conditioner to use, for thick and coarse hair, go for thicker and creamy leave-in conditioners, for fine hair, lightweight leave-in conditioners will be perfect. For high porosity hair, thicker moisturizing and sealing products will work better and low porosity hair, lightweight products will be best to avoid the product build up. Not sure which porosity type is your hair, check this post.

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Which is your go to moisturizing deep conditioner?

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