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Moisturizing Routine for Dry 4C Natural Hair.

When it comes to 4C natural hair, having a consistent moisturizing routine tailored for your hair’s porosity and texture is important. Due to the highly coiled nature of 4c hair, moisture struggles to travel down the strands making it prone to dryness.

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I’ll start by saying, if your hair feels dry and hard, about time you applied moisturizing products. Dry hair never looked good on anyone and it’s also prone to tangles and breakage. To properly moisturize and retain moisture, you ought to first know your hair’s porosity type, how to care for it and the best products for it.

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Moisturizing routine for 4C Natural Hair

Best Moisturizing Routine for Natural Hair.

Moisturizing starts on wash day, from how you wash your hair to the products you use. On wash day, Pre-poo or pre-shampoo treatment helps with minimizing the shampoo’s stripping effect where some shampoos strip off natural oils from our hair leaving it feeling brittle and dry. To Pre-poo, use an oil, conditioner or on-shelf pre-poo products like;

Still on wash day, for high porosity hair or hair without dirt and product build-up, use gentle cleansers or moisturizing shampoo and for hair with lots of dirt and product build-up, use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of all the build-up. Clean hair and scalp will easily absorb the moisturizing products.

After thoroughly rinsing off the shampoo, always follow up with a moisturizing deep conditioner. A moisturizing deep conditioner, restores the moisture and conditions the hair. Use heat to infuse the moisturizing ingredients then rinse off with warm to cool water.

Moisturizing routine for natural hair

Moisturizing on Wash Days.

NEVER let your hair air dry on wash days before moisturizing if you want properly moisturized hair and retain the moisture. On wash days, I choose to apply moisturizing products and sealants on my wet hair. Once I rinse off the moisturizing conditioner, I apply my go to leave-in conditioner on the wet hair and seal with butter or styling cream and when using a leave-in conditioner that’s thick and creamy like African pride moisture miracle coconut oil and baobab oil leave-in cream, I don’t use any sealants.

Weekly Moisturizing Routine.

You can choose to moisturize daily, every other day, a few days a week or weekly. How often you Moisturize depends on the products you use, how fast or slow your hair absorbs moisture and its moisture retention ability. When using African pride moisture miracle coconut oil and baobab oil leave-in cream, I moisturize once or twice a week, for light weight Leave-in conditioners, moisturizing every other day works for me.

For daily moisturizing, you can opt for hydrating hair mists/ refresher sprays. If hair mists don’t work for you, leave-in conditioners will be perfect. Don’t forget to pay more attention to your ends when applying moisturizing products and sealants. For thinning or lost edges, massage with these oils for full and healthy edges. Lastly, protect your hair when sleeping by wearing a satin bonnet or sleeping on a satin/ silk pillowcase.

How best to moisturize natural hair

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Keep breakage and dry hair away by moisturizing your hair as needed.

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