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Why I don’t Use Oils on My 4C Natural Hair .

On this post, I share why I don’t use oils and butters on my 4C natural hair. There’s has been a hair trend on no oils and butters on hair which sort of died off like many other trends. Got to learn about it sometime and thought of trying it out just like how I tried the aloe Vera gel, rice water and rosemary rinse/ tea. Well, I was too chicken to try the onion juice trend, I couldn’t imagine the smell of onions on my hair.

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My reason for not using oils and butters was I noticed that my hair especially two strand twists would take long to get damp when re-moisturizing, the hair would feel dry later on after layering the products. My second reason was to try out this method since I had seen some positive reviews from some natural queens.

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Why I don't Use Oils and butters on My 4C Natural Hair

Why I don’t use oils and butters on Natural Hair

Why I stopped using butters and oils

First, I stopped using oils and around this time I was loving my DIY rosemary infused oil. It did magic on my edges and I loved how soft my hair felt after using it as my pre-shampoo product. It also did a good one on soothing itchy scalp and treating dandruff, around this time my scalp was reacting to a product I was using.

I noticed after using oil as a moisture sealant, my hair would take long to get damp when spraying water and it would also dry as first to a point where I had to moisturize daily. Lately, I moisturize weekly or a couple of days a week depending on how am wearing my hair and the weather. I dropped oils and started using butters.

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Butters worked perfectly as moisture sealants. All I needed to use is just a little butter after applying my go to leave-in conditioner. They would give my hair shine, keep the moisture locked in for longer periods but re- moisturizing was always a struggle. With time, I dropped all the butters expect for mosara Kenya hydrating butter which was worked as a moisturizer for me. I still use it once in a while, catch my review of the hydrating butter here.

Do I still use oils and butters? I haven’t used them for over a year now but if I were to use oils, I would use them;

My natural hair routine without using oils and butters

How my No Oils and Butters Routine Looks Like.

Lately, I don’t prepoo because my hair usually has product build-up by the time it’s wash day, so I don’t add more products on already product full hair. For detangling, I just spray water on my hair which I noticed it activates the leave-in conditioner making it easy to detangle without using a detangler. Which reminds me when I was using oils and butters, I don’t remember noticing “product activation” when I would spray water on my hair.

Next steps are shampooing or cleansing and deep conditioning. After detangling, I cleanse my hair and once the shampoo is thoroughly rinsed off my hair, I apply a deep conditioning product. Leave it on my hair for a couple of minutes then thoroughly rinse off.

I moisturize the hair right after rinsing off the deep conditioner. I don’t let my hair air dry hair without moisturizing. To moisturize, I only use a thick leave-in conditioning cream and that’s it, stretch my hair with braids and let it air dry. Also noticed that most leave-in conditioner creams have butters and oils in their ingredients list which I assumed do the moisture sealing, lol.

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Why not using oils and butters is good for natural hair

Just because oils don’t work for me doesn’t mean they won’t work for you or you should stop using oils. One thing about natural hair journey, it’s a personal journey and there isn’t a one fit for all. Just like some products will work just for someone but not work on someone else with the same hair porosity type, same applies with using oils and butters.

I would love to know if butters and oils work for you or not.

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