Must know essential Natural Hair hacks for beginners

11 Natural Hair Hacks for Beginners.

I love me natural hair hacks that will ease hair care journey, processes and enhance healthy hair growth and length retention. Side note: not the magic hair growth kind of hacks. Growth is a natural process and yes you can stimulate growth but focusing more on length retention will get you the inches you deserve.

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Length retention means working towards minimizing breakage, damage and form of hair loss that is within your control so that you can keep your current inches and inches from your growth.

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Natural Hair hacks for beginners for healthy hair growth

The following hacks will give you a smooth sailing in your hair care journey, help you attain soft, manageable, healthy and longer hair. As a beginner, you’ll find these tips helpful.

Natural Hair Hacks you Should Know.

Sectioning/ Working in sections.

This is that one hack I wish I learned earlier in my hair care journey, it would have saved me lots of tangles and having some hair sections moisturized and others dry as a desert. Work in sections mostly when applying products especially moisturizing products, when detangling, installing a protective style like twists and braids. Sectioning saves you time and you use less product unlike when dealing with a huge chunk of hair.

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Banding your twists for more length.

As we keep and moisturize our twists, they tend to shrink and if you installed twists on wet hair, your twists will shrink as they dry. Banding your twists has to be one of my favourite hacks.
How do you do it? Start by sectioning your twists into 4-8 sections or more depending on your hair volume. Then hold your twists in each section from the roots to almost the ends. Don’t hold the roots too tight you don’t wanna cause tension on your scalp.

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Activate Twist out Curls with Flat Twists / Braids

The longer you wear your twist outs, the looser and undefined your curls get. And that’s where this tips comes in, this hack has worked for my mini twist outs or just any twist outs. Section your hair into 2-4 parts, apply your go to curling cream or leave-in conditioner and install 2-4 flat twists. You can also choose to install 4- 8 braids. I prefer flat twists since they are easy to install and take down.

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Always detangle from the ends to roots.

First, always detangle in small sections. Small sections will save you time and amount of detangler you use. The second hack is to always start from the ends of your hair and work upwards. You can start by gently detangling the ends to the roots with your fingers then finish up with a wide tooth comb or detangling brush. Also, don’t be stingy with the detangling product, add more product to parts that need it.

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Want Defined Twist Outs? Twist Wet Hair

For y’all beauties who love rocking some juicy, defined and bouncy twist outs, this hack is for you. Twisting on wet hair will give you tight and well defined curls unlike dry hair that will give you looser curls and more length.

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Scalp massages.

Scalp massages are not only relaxing but they do stimulate hair growth. How do scalp massages stimulate growth? They enhance blood circulation within your hair follicles. Using growth stimulating oils like Jamaican castor oil, rosemary infused oil, castor will stimulate hair growth. Scalp massages are perfect for the receding hairline, lost your edges and wanna grow them back? Scalp massages with a growth stimulating oil is the way to go.

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Also, having a healthy and consistent hair care routine is another must know hair hack. For growth of healthy hair and length retention, try an easy, consistent and healthy hair routine that works best for your hair and lifestyle. Read more on hair care routine on this post.

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