Top 11 Essential Natural Hair Care Products and Tools.

Heeyah manEmbracer,  I hope your skin is glowing and your hair growing. How’s your hair journey unfolding? Growing, flourishing, struggling etc, I would love to know.

So, let’s talk about my must-have products and tools. Ain’t a product junkie so you won’t find stocked products from different brands or all hair care tools out there. I do have a couple of products and tools that are a must have, let’s get into my must have hair care products and tools.

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I’ll always have oils with me cos I seal with oils and sometimes butter(I love light butters). Have you seen the oil as a sealant trend? Me too but I’ll still use my oils cos trends come & go but my hair care regimen stays. Castor & Olive oils are my favorite, my hair didn’t like coconut oil or so I think. I can’t really recall what caused me to drop coconut oil from my hair regimen. 

Three reasons why oils are a must have

Last month I have been mixing up some amazing oils(castor, olive, shungi, vitamin E) for hot oil treatment & using shungi oil for scalp massages, especially the hairline.

Leave-In Conditioner.

Dry hair never looks good on anyone and it’s a recipe for disaster, tangles, knots & breakage. A leave-in or moisturizer is a must have for me, my hand on hair syndrome loves my hair soft. Mikalla leave in was my favorite moisturizer until my last purchase where the product’s consistency was thin & the scent was a little different so I dropped it and last month have been using mazuri repair and strengthening moisturizer which is okay but I’m looking to invest in a moisturizer that works perfectly & has a thicker consistency, probably I’ll try mosara milk and their hydrating butter too since they’ve some great reviews. If you’ve tried them, lemme know how you found them.

product_image_name-Mosara-Moisture Milk - 250ml-1
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product_image_name-Mosara-Hydrating Butter - 250g-1
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Black Soap/ African black soap.

I’ve never been lucky with shampoos though I haven’t tried a lot of them but the few have tried dried out my hair like crazy and one discolored my hair, a hairdresser told me the discoloration was caused by the sulphate though sulphate wasn’t listed on the ingredients label.

My newly found love is black soap from Bantu naturals ke, it is a gem and the fact that I can use it as a body wash & the best part is, a little goes a long way making it my product of the year. I’ve used African black soap from Mazuri and it’s amazing for both the face & hair. Bottomline, black soap is the real deal when it comes to cleansing my hair.

Survey opportunity to check out.

Deep conditioner.

I alternate between deep conditioning and hot oil treatment though lately I prefer hot oil treatment to using a moisturizing deep conditioner. I’ve been using mikalla mayonnaise until a few days ago when I read a comment on a natural hair group that their products are alleged to contain a harmful ingredient(I don’t remember the name of the ingredient.) Marini 2in1 is now my go to deep conditioner because it’s both a moisture & protein based deep condition pretty good for maintaining the moisture-protein balance.

product_image_name-Marini Naturals-Nourish 2IN1 Moisture&ProteinDeep Treatment-1
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Those are my must-have products, I don’t use curling creams and gels but will be trying them out soon & I can do without the instant conditioner.


Wide tooth comb.

Comes in handy when detangling. I first detangle with my fingers then run the wide tooth comb through my length to properly detangle. I don’t comb my hair & when I need to, I use my fingers, the only time I’ve a comb in my hair is when detangling & I don’t brush my hair though I own a hair brush.

product_image_name-Fashion-Wide Toothed Comb/ Hair Detangler/ Shampoo Comb-1
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Hair bands/ties and bobb pins.

We all know the story, “I own 100 bands or pins & I can only find one.” Where do they disappear to? I always have pins in my purse or sling bag just in case the wind or rain decides I’ve to change my hairstyle. Hair bands come in handy when sectioning my hair,  stretching my twists & keeping my ends tucked in a bun.

product_image_name-Flower-Bobby Pins Hair Pins 60 Hair Grips-1
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Shower cap/plastic cap.

Other than hair bands & bobby pins, shower cap is another item I keep purchasing because some just tear others the elastic stretches to a point it can no longer hold but I got one a couple of days ago I bet it’ll last me longer, it looks durable or so I think.

Shower cap is essential when:

Spray bottle.

This tops my list of must have tools cos it makes moisturizing easier and faster, just mix your moisturizing products and spray on your hair.

product_image_name-Generic-500 Ml Fine Mist Spray Bottle Manual Flairosol-1
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The split ends have to go if you want healthy hair and minimize breakage. I use scissors to dust my ends every now and then, they are a must have.

Well, that’s my list of must-have hair care products and tools. Catch up on all hair products and tools here. I don’t frequently use heat on my hair, I did a blow out early this year after two years of no heat.

The blow-out

I would love to know your must-have products and tools.

Mosara got a starters pack for y’all.

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