Best ways to know hair care products are actually working for your 4c natural hair

How to Tell If Hair Products Are Working For Your Hair.

I know many of us asked the question how will I know these hair products are working or will work for my hair before purchasing or while using a hair products. On this post, that’s what we are talking about.

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How to tell hair products are working for your natural hair

Have been there too, reading through the ingredients list and product promises wondering if the product will deliver. When I started my hair care journey, I didn’t know what to expect with the hair care products and how I would tell if a product is working for my hair. I relied solely on product reviews on the internet and hope for the best.

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I know purchasing products can be exciting, well for me it is especially when trying a new hair product with positive reviews and giving the results am looking for. Also, as exciting as purchasing new products feels, don’t be a product junkie because most probably you won’t figure out which product works best for you and some products may end up expiring before you get to use them. Buy the hair products you need.

How to know hair care products are actually working for your natural hair

Signs Your Hair Products Are Actually Working

What to consider before purchasing hair care products.

Before purchasing any hair product, write down the hair goals and results you wanna see or rather looking for. That may look like, ” you want more definition, stronger hair, more shine, soft and moisturized hair, healthy edges and so on. After you have all that, start by doing some product research and checking out the product promises and reviews. Write down all the products that promises and meets your hair needs.

Also, buy products within your budget. Expensive doesn’t mean works best, sometimes expensive is just expensive not high quality. There are very affordable products that work as much or even better than the expensive products. Lastly, buy only the essential products that you will definitely use.

How your hair behaves when products are working

  • If the product fulfils its said promises, that’s a clear sign that the product is working.
  • Your hair feels soft and moisturized
  • Your scalp is cool and thriving, the products doesn’t cause irritation or itchy scalp
  • Your hair feels stronger and doesn’t experience excessive breakage
  • You will notice more shine
  • Your curls are defined and bouncy

So, you’ve purchased the essential hair care products and want to know if they’re working. Below we talk about each product and signs that each product is working for your gorgeous hair.

How to know hair care products are working for your hair


This product is formulated to ease the pain of detangling by providing a good slip to detangle and melt away the tangles. When you use a detangler and detangling is pure bliss, then the product is working just perfect.

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Hydrating/ Moisturizing shampoo

A moisturizing shampoo will cleanse the hair without stripping natural oils. After using this shampoo , your hair will feel clean, soft and hydrated.

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Moisturizing deep conditioner.

This type of deep conditioner leaves your hair soft, moisturized and feeling alive. Also, moisturizing deep conditioners have a great slip to help detangle without pain.

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Protein treatments/ Protein based deep conditioner

How will you know this product is working for you? Well, if your hair feels stronger, breakage reduces and it repairs the damage, that’s a sure sign that your product is doing its job.

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Leave-in conditioner

If this product leaves your hair feeling soft, moisturized, makes it easy to detangle and most importantly defined your curls, that leave-in conditioner is a keeper.

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Curl creams.

These should define your curls, give you juicy and bouncy braid outs and twist outs. When you need more definition and a product to give your twists a hold, curl creams should do just that.

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Moisture sealants (butters and oils) will keep moisture locked in your for longer without weighing down your hair. When purchasing moisture sealants, consider your hair’s porosity type. Growth oils or serums will stimulate growth and add shine to your beautiful mane.

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It’s important to mention that you will figure out if a product is working for your hair by using it consistently over a period of time and using it the right way.

I hope you found this post helpful, share with everyone who needs this information.

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