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6 Natural Hair Essentials for a Weekend Sleepover.

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Since most of us are on #stayhome rule and travel restrictions, sleepovers have become hard to come by but this pandemic will pass and we will get our sleepovers back. Thus, this article is a sleepover prep for mane embracers who prioritize giving their hair some TLC.

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The sleepover can be at your friends’, relative or your man and just because it’s a weekend sleepover, it doesn’t mean a halt on your hair routine. You got to keep your hair lush and healthy.

sleepover essentials
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Who knew you would need hair essentials for sleepovers? As you pack your outfits and make up kit add hair essentials too. You don’t want your hair matting and breaking, unless you are on a protective style which needs moisturizing too. My point is there’s no way you are avoiding a hair essential kit.

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Top Essentials for a weekend sleepover

Spray bottle/moisturizer.
This has to be my first because moisturizing your hair is important and I don’t mean an empty spray bottle. Nah, have your moisturizing ingredients enough for the weekend. Keep your hair moisturized and looking gorgeous.

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You will need a sealant after moisturizing your hair and that’s why you need to carry your favorite sealants; oils or butters whichever works best for your hair.

Satin bonnet.
Unless your host owns satin pillowcases, you’ll have to carry your satin bonnets. And if your host, just like me owns satin pillowcase but doesn’t like the taste and touch of someone else’s hair, bring your bonnet.

Lastly, if your man loves sliding his fingers in your hair just have him purchase satin/silk pillowcases, say no to tangles, knots or matted hair. You all know detangling such is the worst nightmare.

Bobby pins, hair bands & hair accessories
You never know when you need hair pins/ bands and how mysteriously they disappear will have you carrying extra ones. These are essential when styling your hair and for us who can’t sleep with our hair all over the place and need to hold and tuck it. Accessorize while stepping out, your mane got to look good.

Shower cap.
You’ll definitely need a shower, won’t you?

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Styling gel & Edge brush / Toothbrush.
While packing a toothbrush for your teeth kindly remember your edges toothbrush as well. I know most of us use toothbrush to lay our edges and we will do it shamelessly at your place. Pack your styling gel for gorgeous styles and if you have to lay the edges, don’t forget your edge brush lol.

I hope this helps you prep for your coming sleepovers. What’s your sleepover must have tools and products?

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  1. Bobby pins, hair ties, satin hair scarf, moisturizer and gel or edge control are my go to products and tools. I love packing light so I limit things I carry.

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