You are currently viewing 6 Moisture- Protein Balanced Deep Conditioners.

6 Moisture- Protein Balanced Deep Conditioners.

Maintain moisture- protein balance is one way to keep dryness, damage and breakage off your hair and maintaining a healthy scalp and that’s where balanced deep conditioners come. Our hair is made up of protein (keratin) which keeps the hair healthy and strong, once the protein bonds are broken, that’s when you notice hair damage.

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Your hair needs both moisture and protein to flourish and that’s why using a moisturizing deep conditioner and protein deep conditioner in your hair care routine is a must. Moisturizing deep conditioner should be used on every wash day while protein deep conditioner on a need be basis. When unsure how often should you use the protein deep conditioner, opt for a balanced deep conditioner that has both moisture and protein.

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Deep conditioners with both moisture and protein

Deep Conditioners with both Moisture and Protein.

Dr. Miracle’s Strong & Healthy Hydrating & Strengthening Deep Conditioner.

Deep conditioner with both moisture and protein

Product Promise, “Hydrating Strengthening Masque treatment, enriched with Rice Protein, Babassu Oil and Coconut Oil provides intense reparative moisture to dry or damaged hair for 3x less breakage.”

Botanic Hearth Tea Tree Hair Mask & Deep Conditioner, Moisturizes & Protects Hair & Scalp

Moisture - protein balanced deep conditioner

Product Promise, “Botanic Hearth Tea Tree Hair Mask contains unique conditioners that restore essential moisture and radiance. It is formulated with a unique blend of botanical extracts and tea tree oil that revitalize dry, stressed hair. It de-tangles and softens hair, replenishing lost shine and manageability.”

Miche Strengthen Protein Deep Conditioner

Moisturizing deep conditioner with protein

Product Promise, “STRENGTHEN is a protein and moisture-balancing deep conditioner for all hair types, especially damaged and color-treated hair. Enriched with hydrolyzed Baobab protein, one of the most powerful hair repair vegetable proteins, Strengthen offers incredible conditioning, damage repair and nourishment. Over time, this deep conditioner will help to reduce breakage, nourish the hair, revitalize your curls for better manageability, repair hair damage and improve hair elasticity.”

SheaMoisture Hair Mask – Manuka Honey & Yogurt, Hydrate + Repair Protein Power Treatment

Protein deep conditioner with moisture

Product Promise, “This sulfate-free conditioner treatment contains reparative proteins, nourishing oils, real honey, yogurt, and essential oils for a fragrant finish. Shea Moisture mask that effectively repairs damage caused by over-processing; one use reduces hair breakage by up to 76%.”

BoldPlex 3 Hair Mask

Deep conditioner with moisture- protein balance

Product Promise, “Our scientifically innovative bond-building hair treatment works on a molecular level to help repair dry and damaged hair, penetrating deep into each strand and strengthening from the inside out. Use this miracle hair care mask to deeply condition, improve moisture retention and soothe any damage caused by styling, coloring, chemically treating, or over-processing your hair.”

Mielle Organics Babassu & Mint Deep Conditioner with Protein, Moisturizing & Conditioning Deep Treatment

Moisturizing and protein deep conditioner

Product Promise, “This unique formula fuses invigorating natural oils with a rich blend of healthy fatty acids from pure South American babassu oil to strengthen hair elasticity and reduce breakage while smoothing ends, frizz, and flyaways. With nutrient-rich oils and complex amino acids from wheat, soy, and other natural ingredients, this moisturizer penetrates and replenishes your follicles and skin for a healthy scalp and soft, bouncy hair.”

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