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Mikalla Honey and Butter Conditioner Co-wash Review.

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Same conditioner different hair types co-wash review.

Not all conditioners are formulated to co-wash, I bet that’s why brands are formulating cleansing conditioners/ co-washes. That said let’s dive into the co-wash reviews.

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Hello ManEmbracers, I hope your hair is growing and skin glowing. Welcome to my blog and be sure to keep it here for everything hair care. To my loyal ones & day one’s welcome back.

I did a thing guys, co-washed my hair, my fellow natural friend co-washed her mini twists with the same product (Mikalla honey & butter conditioner). Did it work for us or not? Read on

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I first co-washed my hair while in mini twists a few months ago and that went pretty well but this co-wash was an almost epic fail. Well, the co-washing part was a fail cos I noticed the whitish build-up on my roots. On the flip side I noticed that I can detangle in less than 30 minutes and the conditioner revived my coils a little bit.

The conditioner I used to co-wash my mini twists was from forgrac naturals which is different from what I used this time around, Mikalla honey & butter conditioner.

10 Best Co-washes & Cleansing conditioners for Natural Hair

The co-wash process

Sectioned my hair into 4 parts
Had each section sopping wet before applying the conditioner from the ends to the roots

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Detangled with a wide-tooth comb. Detangling was easy peasy lemon squeezy, the conditioner melted away the tangles.

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Shed hair & breakage.

Massaged the scalp to break down the dirt and products then rinsed thoroughly.

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Look at the coils guys!!

After co-washing

My Mikalla Honey and Butter Conditioner Co-washing Review.

The conditioner has a sweet scent, left my hair feeling soft & it’s an amazing detangler, I recommend it. On matters co-washing I wouldn’t recommend it on thick & coarse hair, my friend used the same product to co-wash her fine natural hair and it worked wonders.

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Before & After co-washing

Here is her Review & be sure to check out her instagram for book reviews & hair related content.

Chebby’s Mikalla Honey and Butter Conditioner Co-wash Review.

To start off I love its scent. I co-washed my hair in mini twists. I hadn’t washed my mini twists for two weeks & had no time to do a proper wash so I decided to do a quick co-wash cos my twists were dry & frizzy & my scalp dry and itchy.

The co-wash left my scalp clean, mini twists soft & the best part is they did not unravel(shock).

The conditioner definitely added more moisture to my hair, has a good slip making it a very good detangler too. I’m impressed by how well it cleaned my scalp & removed the buildup. I unravelled my mini twists the following day & my curls were quite defined too. I would definitely recommend the conditioner.

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Follow her on Instagram.

To Note; Conditioners are formulated to condition, repair, restore moisture not to cleanse unless if it’s a cleansing conditioner/co-wash which may not work too. Cleanse with a shampoo in between co-washes to get rid of all the build up.

What’s your co-wash experience with Mikalla honey & butter conditioner?

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