You are currently viewing 6 Sure Signs of Natural Hair Damage.

6 Sure Signs of Natural Hair Damage.

Do you struggle to tell if your natural hair is damaged? Well, stick around because on this post I’ll share sure signs of natural hair damage and steps to take to get your hair back to its healthy state.

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Hair damage is part of the reasons why your hair is stagnated. Damaged hair easily breaks keeping your hair length at a certain point for so long to a point where you think your hair isn’t growing. We experience different types of damages, of which some we are the cause while others, just creep on us.

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How to know your 4C hair is damaged

How to Know if Your 4C Natural Hair is Damaged

Causes of Natural Hair Damage.

There are different causes of hair damage that are costing us length, defined curls and volume. Must know hair damage cause include;

  • Heat- this had my hair at shoulder length for the longest time. The wrong use of heat or excessive heat usage causes heat damage. To stay away from heat damage, use heat protectants when using heat and set low temperatures when using heat.
  • Color- this also is a major one. Once saw a lady loosing hair after colouring it. Wrong application, using Colors with harsh chemicals and skipping protein treatments may lead to hair damage.
  • Daily wear and tear- these are caused by your hair brushing on surfaces like clothes, seats and getting snagged by jewellery and other surfaces. This may cause not only tangles but dry and split ends.
  • Chemicals like relaxers also do cause hair damage and loss too. Always use protein treatments and if you wanna relax your hair, go to a professional.

Now that we have covered the major causes of hair damage, let’s talk about how to know your hair is damaged.

Signs Your Hair is Damaged.

Dry and Brittle Hair

Damaged hair often lacks and loses moisture, doesn’t retain moisture and elasticity leading to dryness, brittleness and a rough texture. If your 4C natural hair feels rough to the touch and keeping it moisturized is difficult, it might be damaged.

Damaged and Split Ends

Damaged, weak and split ends are common indicators of damaged hair. The ends also don’t hold styles, look rugged and thinner than the rest of the hair. If you notice thinning, always tangling or uneven ends then it’s essential to address the underlying causes of damage to prevent further damage.

Natural hair damage

Excessive Breakage and Shedding.

While hair shedding is normal, excessive shedding can be a sign of damage or health issues. Just as breakage is sometimes inevitable, excessive breakage isn’t okay. If you notice an increase in hair shed when styling or on wash days and breakage, your hair could be damaged.

Not Retaining Length.

Retaining length on damaged hair may be a struggle due to breakage, hair loss and other issues. If you find that your hair’s length is stagnated or keeps getting shorter may be a sign that your hair is damaged and needs some TLC.

Dullness and Lack of Shine.

Healthy hair is characterized by its natural shine, while damaged hair may appear dull and lifeless. Other than damage, lack of shine and vibrancy may be a sign that it’s in need of hydration and nourishment.

Signs your natural hair is damaged

Lack of Elasticity.

Healthy hair is bouncy, if you stretch it snaps back, coiling on itself or rather it shrinks. Damaged hair lacks elasticity it stretches and stretches without bouncing back.

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There you have it, I hope you found this post helpful. Share with us tips on anything hair damage in the comment section below.

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