Must know natural hair growth facts

8 Natural Hair Growth Truths You Should Know.

Natural hair care journey especially for 4C queens can be quite something and these are the 8 natural hair growth truths most of us don’t like hearing. The fact is the earlier you accept these truths, the easier your natural hair care and growth journey. Shared a post on my natural hair journey, check it here.

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So curlfriends, on this post I’ll share with you all, the truths some of us had to accept, learn and which newbies ought to know.

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Natural Hair Growth Fast

8 Truths About Natural Hair Growth.

Patience is Very Much Needed

I know, you’ve heard naturals with long and full hair say, “you ought to be patient” and you thought she’s just being mean and keeping all the magic hair growth products and tips to herself. Guess what? She isn’t, that’s the way growing your natural hair long goes. It isn’t an overnight or a few days affair and voila, you’ve got the hair of your dreams. Growing natural hair long and thick takes time – and lots of it. Embrace the journey, celebrate the small and big wins and remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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Your Hair May Not Look Like Your Best Friend’s or Favorite Influencer’s

Comparison is the thief of joy especially when it comes to 4C natural hair. Most of us have been there where you try your favorites influencer’s products and styles but they never worked for you, everything was an epic fail. One thing I had to learn early and fast is that we all have different hair growth rates, textures and porosity type. We all have different and unique hair, embrace yours, find out what works best for your hair and stay consistent.

Natural Hair Growth truths you should know

Breakage Happens Regardless of How Careful You’re.

Breakage is always inevitable but excessive breakage ought to be checked. Ooh and did I mention hair shedding is a thing? Well, scientists say you shed strands at the end of the hair growth phase. Whether it’s from manipulation, dryness, or just life in general, breakage is a part of the natural hair journey. But here’s the good news: you won’t wake up bald . With proper care, consistent and healthy hair care routine, patience, you can minimize breakage and keep your natural hair flourishing.

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Shrinkage! Shrinkage! It isn’t that bad, or is it?

Right now, I love shrinkage especially on days when I have no idea how I wanna style my hair or no style seem to work. On these days all I do is spray water on my hair and watch shrinkage turn a gorgeous twist out to an Afro with beautiful coils and curls. When it comes to shrinkage, you may have dreams of long, flowing curls, but in reality, your hair may have other plans. Embrace the shrinkage and remember that your hair is still gorgeous, regardless of its length.

Protective Styles Aren’t Magic Growth and Fix it All Plan

Yes, protective styles do help retain length and protect your strands from breakage and damage, but they’re not a cure-all. Improper installation or neglecting your natural hair while it’s in a protective style can lead to more harm than good. When it comes to protective styles, care for them as you would care for your natural hair and don’t hold them too tight.

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Natural Hair Twists for Natural Hair Growth

Consistency is Key

We’ve all been guilty of jumping from product to product, searching for that magic potion that will give us the perfect curls and grow our hair overnight. But here’s the truth: consistency is key. Find a routine that works for you, products that work perfectly for your hair’s porosity and stick with it, and watch your hair grow, retain length and thrive.

Magic Hair Growth Products Are a Scam.

There isn’t a single hair product especially an oil that will grow your hair overnight. We have all seen the hyped DIY hair growth products from rice water, cloves, rosemary and so on. Some of these products strengthen your minimizing breakage helping you retain length. If you’re thinking long term growth and length retention, have a healthy hair care routine working along with the “magic growth products.”

It’s Okay to Ask for Help

Growing natural hair can be overwhelming at times, and it’s okay to ask for help. Whether it’s seeking advice from a trusted friend, joining a supportive online community, or consulting with a professional stylist or trichologist, don’t be afraid to reach out for guidance along your journey.

4C Natural Hair Growth and Hair Care

Growing natural hair is a beautiful, empowering journey, but it’s not always easy. Embrace the truths, embrace the challenges, and most importantly, embrace yourself. Your natural hair journey is uniquely yours, and it’s worth celebrating every step of the way.

What are some natural hair truths YOU wish everyone knew? Share in the comments below!

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