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Why you should consider two strand twists during lockdown.

Two strand twists have been my to go to protective styles whether it’s mini twists, chunk twists and two strand twists with a braided base.

Heeyyah mane embracers, how’re y’all holding up? Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my natural hair blog.

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I know this #stayhome period has called for changes in how we do a lot of stuff and wearing our hair is one of them. With no salon dates and you have to care for your hair DIY protective styles are a necessity. How is your hair holding up? What DIY protective styles have you learnt to install?

We all have that favorite DIY protective style that we can swear by and mine has to be two strand twists, how I love them. Recently have discovered three strand twists and have tried them once and a gurl is definitely falling in love. Oh! Have you checked my all about protective styling post?

Two strand twists

I love two strand twists because they are easy to install and by easy I mean twisting for 2 hours and a pair of aching hands, trust me it’s totally worth it. Did I say they are easy to maintain and you can go creative with styling.

They are cheap to install, all you need is a good leave-in that gives you bouncing curls or a curling cream, oil and butter. That’s it, if you haven’t tried them yet this is your sign to try.

Mini twists with a braided base

I wear my twists for 2 weeks may be because I end up missing seeing my hair out but if you love wearing protective styles for long, then you can wash and condition your twists and keep them a little longer.

My other reason for my love for two strand twists is, I haven’t mastered plaiting perfect cornrows and flat twists. Why are they so hard to install? Am accepting tips on how to nail them.

Two strand twists

Did you know you can also install mini twists with a braided base? They are so cute, neat but they never give me a fuller look. They are my to go to style when I wanna wear my twists for 3-4 weeks cause they hold so well and the neatness, Oh my!

I did mention three strand twists too, have had them once and the twist out was fuller than two strand twists out or may be it wasn’t. I will try them soon and tell you all about but until them am styling wearing two strand twists as I type this.

Three strand twists out
Side view

What’s your favorite DIY protective style and why? And how do you view two strand twists as a protective style?

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