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Top 10 most popular blog posts of 2020

Heeeyah manEmbracers!!! It’s been a minute. How’ve you been guys, missed me yet? So, I have been on a break working on a couple of things but am back like I never left with two articles on top posts of 2020 & 2021 cos my first blog anniversary is coming up in a few weeks.

Enough with the catch up, let’s play rewind on them articles. I did check my stats and these are the articles most of you found useful or loved.

natural hair blog

Hair regimen/ routine; My detailed hair care regimen.

In this post I shared my hair care regimen/routine. Transitioning to natural or wanna take better care of your hair? A healthy & consistent regimen should top your hair goal list, it’s the route to growing out long & healthy hair. In case you have a hair regimen & it isn’t working out, this is why.

Top 10 ways to moisturize Natural Hair.

Here I share different ways you can add or restore moisture to your hair. Moisturizing is essential for growth of healthy hair, reduces breakage, occurrence of split ends and makes it easy to style your hair.

Dusting; How to Trim without losing your length.

Dusting is a technique of getting rid of split/damaged/dead ends of your hair without losing inches of your length. It’s dusting because you’ll notice light dust like pieces of hair on your floor after dusting. Get to know how & when to dust the split & rugged ends.

Top 5 tips for bomb Twist outs.

Been trying to nail twist outs? First, you’ve got to nail the twists first for a bomb twist out. Got you covered on tips and tricks to get you that bomb twist out next time.

Top 10 ways to Regrow and Care for your Edges.

Edges are a huge boost to every natural’s confidence. First, get to know how to care for your edges to save yourself from the pain of receding hairline & the struggle to regrow it.

natural hair blog

Top 7 length retention tips for Type 4 Hair

My hair isn’t growing, I have tried everything but still stunted growth. Well, your hair is always growing but the problem might be you aren’t retaining the length. It’s the time to retain your length.

Top reasons to consider Hot Oil Treatment for healthy Natural Hair.

Heard of hot oil treatment before? This post will explain what it is, its benefits and how to go about it.

Natural hair transitioning rules, tips and mistakes to avoid.

Wanna ease your transitioning journey? Have shared all about the Dos and Don’ts. I know transitioning can be hectic with all the information, products and expectations but it can be done.

Is Baggy moisturizing method on Type 4 Hair worth it?

Mentioned different moisturizing methods and in this post I explained in detail the baggy moisturizing method. I must say this method is worth it.

Top 5 Scalp care tips for healthy hair.

We only talk of our scalp when experiencing itchy scalp, dandruffs or dry/oily scalp. The scalp is part of your skin only that it’s covered with hair. Taking care of your scalp ought to be part of your skin care routine. Most scalp conditions can be avoided by embracing healthy scalp care practices

If you missed a post or two from last year, I hope you found the posts helpful and to my new readers, Welcome to the tribe💜💜💜.


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